At 86 years old, Bob Proctor has provided the world with over 60 years of motivational content helping others achieve their full potential. As a high school drop out, Proctor was on a path to mediocrity, switching from job to job. Angry and unmotivated, Proctor stumbled across Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” which changed his habits and his life forever. With this new mindset, Proctor went from earning just a few thousand dollars a year to over 1 million dollars per year. This transformation inspired him to study The Law of Attraction, focusing on how our thoughts are attracting our outcomes. Proctor has spoken around the world, written award winning guides and book, coached thousands of individuals, and has created the Proctor-Gallagher Institute, teaching others how to use the power of the mind to create the ideal life. This is one of our most enlightening podcasts to date, so be sure to tune in.