Feeling confident in your own skin takes time and practice until, eventually, it becomes a habit. Self-confidence can impact all aspects of your life, including your career, relationships, mental health, and willingness to try new things. You can build up self-confidence over time by doing small things every day to make yourself feel amazing. 

Self-confidence is a skill that we have to nurture and develop. It’s not always easy, and sometimes the journey to confidence is a little rocky. Here are a few ways you can work towards becoming more confident in your body, mind, and soul. 

Think about a time you felt confident 

Your behaviour often changes according to your confidence level. If you’re having a low confidence day, try to remind yourself of a time you felt great in your body. Ask yourself, ‘how would I act if I was feeling good?’ By asking this question, you can remind yourself of how you could be acting and how a little surge of confidence can make all the difference. 

You often carry yourself differently when you feel confident. Your posture improves, and your body language becomes more open. Try correcting your posture and see if a bit of confidence follows.

Dress nice!

Confidence is all about what’s on the inside. However, sometimes a stunning outfit can make you feel better about yourself – whether it’s your underwear or outerwear. You could slip into some sexy lingerie and wear it under your everyday clothing for a little confidence boost.


Practising daily mantras in the mirror

Positive affirmations aren’t for everybody, but they can make a world of difference. Some people tend to be mean and cruel to themselves. It might be time to reset your thought process and try out a few positive affirmations. For example, you could look into the mirror and say, “You’re beautiful” or “You’ve got this.” Repeat it in your head until you feel the confidence and power behind it. 


Try new things to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

When you are anxious, low, or having a crisis of confidence – the last thing you want to do is try out something new. However, the best way to build self-confidence is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and surprising yourself. You might embarrass yourself or fail at the new activity, but at least you tried and pushed yourself. 


Surround yourself with good friends

You need a support system to boost you up and offer a positive outlook. Pay attention to how your friends make you feel, and which people lift you or bring you down. It might be time to let people go who judge you and don’t accept you for who you are. You need positive people in your life who will push you to be the best version of yourself. 

Building confidence is complex, and it requires constant maintenance and attention – but oh boy, is it worth it.

Published on Holr Magazine