Organizing a wedding can be quite a stressful task (even if it’s not your own). There are countless details and choices to make. If you’re looking to break the mould and pull off a boho-chic wedding, some essential steps need to be taken to execute the theme fully. Read on for ideas on how to do so.

Seasonal Decorations

One of the most popular wedding decorations is the standard flowers that can be found everywhere during their respective seasons. Well, if you’re looking to follow a boho theme, you will need to think outside the box and bring in some other elements into play. One great idea is incorporating fresh seasonal greenery into your decor. This can be done by using simple floral vases or even branches (with leaves still intact).

This is not only far more unique than the average arrangement of flowers, but it also can easily tie into other parts of your wedding’s design. For example, consider adding some pine cones to the vase for added texture and depth. Plus, this will allow the decoration to be used after the big day is over, making it a great wedding keepsake. The florists will guide you here.

Textures & Patterns

When incorporating fabrics into your boho theme, you must balance out heavier textures with lighter ones. This helps to achieve the free-flowing feel that this style of decor is known for. 

Some good examples include:

  • Lighter-weight fabrics like voile and chiffon. These can make simple yet elegant table runners for the reception tables or even layer them onto a cake stand or hang them somewhere in the venue.
  • Heavier materials such as lace, velvet, and brocade (among others). These can be used to add a touch of the unexpected such as by creating your tablecloths out of them or incorporating them into your bridal gown.


It’s important that when putting together any decor that you keep things simple and don’t go overboard with designs. You want everything to flow well together and not clash. This is where the balance mentioned above of textures and patterns plays a key role.

A great way to get an overall cohesive look for your boho wedding is by incorporating flowers from nature into the decorations. While all of your floral arrangements should still be made with fresh seasonal greenery, you can add things like wildflowers, berries, and even moss to the mix.


When it comes down to choosing materials for your boho-themed wedding, think about what things would have been like in the past when nature was abundant. It’s essential that you turn to more low-key materials rather than making them outshine the décor. This could mean anything from using simple burlap poufs as chairs to handcrafted wooden centrepieces.

Accent Pieces

One of the best ways to incorporate boho elements into your wedding is by adding in some unique accessories that are either handmade or vintage. For example, you could put together a small collection of candles that have all different shapes and sizes or add in heirloom pieces that you’ve inherited from previous generations.


Make sure to book a catering company with experience and creativity in creating dishes that reflect the boho theme. This will ensure that your guests will be treated with culinary masterpieces instead of just food they’re accustomed to. For example, if you’re trying to implement an artistic flair into the wedding, why not hire a caterer that offers sushi and sashimi? Or perhaps a taqueria that hand makes tortillas if you’re looking to do something more wedding appropriate.


Create an atmosphere that encourages conversation. A boho wedding is perfect for this type of environment because it’s laid back and often encourages people to mingle with one another. You can set up small tables with candles that encourage guests to sit down and talk over a glass of wine.


Decide whether or not you want children at your wedding. It’s perfectly acceptable to leave the decision up to the parents, but having a child-friendly wedding means you’ll have to make specific accommodations. If you choose to have a child-friendly wedding, be prepared to offer children’s activities to ensure they enjoy themselves.

Dress Code

If you or the groom can find some unique accessories, this would be a wonderful touch.- Incorporate vintage pieces into your outfit. For example, if one of the groomsmen has an old pair of glasses that their grandfather passed on, it might be fun to incorporate them into the wedding party’s attire somehow.

For the bridesmaids, consider wearing maxi dresses in a boho print. If you want all your ladies to match, it’s completely acceptable to go with solid colours. Matching patterns are fun, too, if that’s your thing.

If you know you want him to wear a fedora, make sure he doesn’t wear one on any other occasions beforehand!- The groom should wear something different from what he typically wears daily. For example, if the groom wears a suit for work every day, consider getting him something more casual with a hint of boho flair.

Don’t be afraid to let your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear whatever they want as long as it matches. You can even allow them to style their hair and makeup!

Wedding Cake

It doesn’t have to be a traditional bride and groom if you don’t want it to be. There are plenty of options out there, so get inspired!- Get creative with your cake topper.

If you’re not interested in a sizable three-tier wedding cake, consider having cupcakes or mini pies instead. They can sit at the same table as the cake and guests can enjoy a variety.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you’re going for a bohemian wedding, consider having a colourful display of flowers on top of your wedding cake. This is one area where it’s perfectly acceptable to get creative.

Happily Ever After!

Because a boho-chic wedding is so open to interpretation, there are endless possibilities for decorating and executing the idea, from having DIY crafts at the reception to hiring a sushi and sashimi caterer even decorating with wildflowers. The most important thing is to plan and do what excites you!

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