Rihanna is set to launch Fenty Hair with new formula “Replenicore-5”.

June 11, 2024- Rihanna is launching Fenty Hair, a reparative haircare line from Fenty Beauty that is designed with Fenty’s new proprietary complex “Replenicore-5”.

What is Replenicore-5

The line, set to launch on Thursday, June 13, features shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and protectant stylers all infused with Fenty Hair’s unique five powerhouse ingredients.

Fenty’s new formula “Replenicore-5” is powered by Barbados gooseberry, amino acids, green tea extract, upcycled jackfruit extract, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Rihanna announced the new hairline six days ago in an Instagram post, saying “A new family is moving in! @fentyhair is pulling up and it’s time to finally have the hair experience you’ve been waiting for.”Rihanna to launch Fenty Hair.

Fenty Beauty Expansion

Fenty Hair will be Fenty Beauty’s fourth line, following Fenty Makeup, Fenty Skincare, and Fenty Fragrance.

In an Instagram post from Fenty Hair, Rihanna said “I love fragrance so much. I like to describe the scent as a warm, amber, floral. It has a rich, luxurious vibe to it.”

Rihanna, the successful singer and entrepreneur, has amassed an estimated $2.8 billion with Fenty Beauty, according to Forbes.Rihanna to launch Fenty Hair.

Fenty Hair Care

Unlike other celebrities, Rihanna is known for her hair evolution and her versatility over the past 16 years that she has been in the spotlight.

In a video posted to Fenty Beauty’s YouTube, Rihanna said “Hair has always been very personal to me. It’s an outlet of self-expression and creativity, and it’s also been markers of my evolution and growth over the years.”

The line is vegan, sulfate, and silicon-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, according to the official website.

Fenty Hair Access

The line will be officially available on Thursday, but Fenty Hair has opened an early access sign-up for those who wish to shop the line on Monday, June 10 at 11 p.m. EST.

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