Like many designers, Jonny Johansson’s new women’s Autumn/Winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection is nothing but a statement to the last year and everything that has changed in fashion mid-pandemic. 

Designing from his Swedish home, this collection sparks insight as to what fashion has become in the pandemic, and what ready to wear means when you’re ready to wear it at home. These looks resonate with soft materials, florals, knits and denim, it takes the idea of pyjamas and makes them chic. 

Although this collection may seem like something we should have had access to during the pandemic- it really is about the post-pandemic culture around what we will wear when we are finally free- if that is going to happen anytime soon. 

The opening of the show consisted of soft fluffy fabrics with pastel colours, and monochromatic looks, and eventually, by the end of the show, he featured many looks that can be a transition point from ready at home to ready for the streets. Although this line would thrive in a home culture, Johansson’s Acne collection is giving light to what will happen post-pandemic, parties, outings, and other events that will combine acceptable outerwear and elegance with comfortable at-home pieces. 

Very pandemic at home chic. Pastel colouring with soft fabrics. Two-piece- knit cardigan and loungewear pants, paired with same material socks and a pink stiletto. This look screams stay at home, but with the heels and ceramic animal clutch, you can turn this look into your first night out on the town. 

Everyone can’t wait to throw a party, and we’re ready to show up in this black ensemble. This black-draped off-the-shoulder dress shows enough, but still covers up what we were not ready to show. With the puff sleeves still in style and the two tones of the dress, everyone is going to be looking at you and thinking you showed this pandemic what they were missing. Paired with (again) a long sock or stocking, and a heel this look is a ready-to-wear masterpiece.

Along with many other gorgeous looks, Johansson collection did not miss, and it shows the bond between what life is like and what it could be. Check out the full fashion week collection on youtube or the Acne Studio’s website.