Contrasting tones that are both edgy and classic.

The French luxury fashion house recently introduced the latest collection this Fashion Week, from creative director Matthew M. Williams, and opened by 22-year-old Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late actor, Paul Walker. 

As the show rolls out, a sole spotlight casts a glow on each of the models as they parade down a watered-down runway, with the audience being transported to a new age in fashion. The runway show takes place in an industrial space that perfectly complements the downtown, edgy vibes of the collection- Givenchy’s FW21 Show is mysterious, modern and edgy all the while incorporating classic silhouettes, with light and dark playing a part in bringing a sense of dimension to the collection.   

Popular trends, such as puffer jackets, are refined and reinvented for the new season, with many of the pieces giving off a utility look and feel. Details such as metal grommets and contrasting leather bands bring forth futuristic elements, while other pieces from the brand’s FW21 collection take bold risks with daring cutouts, chunky hardware, deep tones and unconventional accessories. The element of darkness in this collection brings rise to the refined chaos of everything going on within the pieces and on the runway.

On the opposing side, the element of light within the collection symbolizes creation- lightly coloured cozy outerwear, feathers, sheer fabric and strong pops of colour are woven into the designs to give birth to the FW21 collection and bring an airy sense of movement to the pieces as they glide across the runway. One of our favourite looks features a sheer monogrammed shirt that highlights the iconic Givenchy brand name.  

This contrast of darkness – giving rise to the chaos, and light –associated with creation – is perfectly encapsulated in the Givenchy FW21/22 collection.