Chelsea and Bre were at odds during Selling Sunset Season 6 but now the drama is heating up behind the scenes. HOLR is breaking down the latest!

Caution: Selling Sunset Season 6 Spoilers Ahead!

What happened between Chelsea and Bre? HOLR is breaking down the latest drama between these two Selling Sunset girls.

Selling Sunset Season 6

As we saw in the latest Season, Chelsea and Bre did not get off on the right foot after Chelsea brought her friends to the Broker’s open and Bre stated that she had a past with them. As a result, she thought Chelsea was setting her up.

Chelsea also voiced her opinion on Bre’s family situation and how she didn’t “understand” or “agree” with her and Nick Cannon’s relationship in regard to their newborn son.

Selling Sunset Chelsea

In this TikTok by Chelsea, she states how the situation with Bre and her friend at the open house in Season 6 “rubbed her the wrong way.”


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Chelsea goes on to say her friend Bre was concerned about had “nothing but genuine intentions” and allegedly- “from the onset” Bre had supposedly “decided” that she didn’t like Chelsea because she brought her “friends to the Broker’s open,” according to Chelsea.

“As if my friends only stand to exist in your past,” claimed Chelsea in regard to Bre.

Apparently, Bre was “cordial and so nice” to Chelsea’s friend at the Broker’s open and there was “no issue” according to Chelsea. Chelsea was also upset that Bre brought up her issues at the office meeting. According to Chelsea, “There was no issue, you just wanted to make it an issue with me,” after her friend even offered to go out for drinks with Bre.

Chelsea has been open about the fact that she won’t be silent about her opinions.

In a recent response about where she stands with Chelsea now-following Season 6 airing- Bre stated the below as shown in this TikTo video by @people.


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“I stand nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her,” she stated. “Good on her. I wish her the best and she can sort out whatever issue it is she seems to have with me and my family. Sounds like she needs to figure that out.”

Selling Sunset Girls

The girls are really going at it this season! From Chrishell and Nicole to Chelsea and Bre, the drama seems to be neverending!

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