Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani Hints at Life Chaos Amid Jeff Lazkani Divorce

Chelsea Lazkani, known for her role in “Selling Sunset,” recently hinted at the chaos in her life following her divorce from Jeff Lazkani. In a cooking video, Chelsea mentioned that her donut recipe is “super easy” compared to her current life situation, which she described as a “mess.” This subtle reference sheds light on the emotional turmoil she’s experiencing amidst the divorce proceedings.


At the end of the day, the day gotta end. #donuts #jamdoughnut

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The video, filmed shortly after Chelsea filed for divorce from Jeff, captured her candid thoughts and feelings. She expressed a desire to indulge in junk food and spend the day watching Netflix but ultimately decided to focus on making jam donuts instead. Chelsea’s decision to channel her energy into baking reflects a coping mechanism and a determination to move forward despite challenges.

Chelsea’s resilience is further emphasized by her statement that “what won’t kill you makes you stronger.” This mindset signifies her ability to find strength in adversity and to embrace the difficulties she’s facing. By acknowledging the messiness of her life and choosing to confront it head-on, Chelsea’s message resonates with many going through similar life struggles.

As mentioned by US Weekly the divorce between Chelsea and Jeff has attracted attention due to Jeff’s accusations of Chelsea’s alleged suspicious behavior and aggressive actions during their marriage. While Chelsea has not directly addressed these allegations, her focus on resilience and positivity in the cooking video suggests her commitment to navigating the divorce with strength and grace.

Despite the challenges, Chelsea remains engaged with her followers on social media, inviting them to share funny stories to lift her spirits. This interaction reflects her openness to seeking support and finding moments of joy amidst the turmoil.

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