Mary took to social media to address whether or not she’s still friends with Chrishell after the messiness of Selling Sunset’s season 6.

Caution: Selling Sunset season 6 spoilers ahead!

According to this TikTok video reposted by realitytvgold1, Mary addresses the claims regarding whether or not she’s still friends with Amanza, Emma, and Chrishell.


Mary address where her friendship stands with Chrishell, Emma & Amanza 😄 All is well apparently 🥴 #maryfitzgerald #chrishellstause #emmahernan #amanza #sellingsunset #sellingsunsetnetflix #sellingsunsetnewseason #netlix

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Mary starts off by stating that she and Amanza have been besties for over 20 years and nothing has changed between them. She says that she loves Emma “dearly.” Mary states that when she went through the miscarriage Emma checked in on her and continues to do so.

When it comes to Chirshell, Mary confirmed that the two are still very good friends. Mary agrees that she- herself- doesn’t check in all the time but that she jumps in if you need her, even when things get messy.

Are Chrishell and Mary still friends?

According to Mary, the two are still friends!

What happened to Mary on Selling Sunset?

During season 6 of Selling Sunset, Mary had to manage the group of girls at the Oppenheim Group and things got messy, to say the least. This led to Mary ultimately having a bit of a breakdown in the car on the way home from a group dinner.

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