A new video circulating of Christine Quinn and her former Selling Sunset cast members is going viral online. what does this mean?

June 10, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @xtinequinnchairpurse, Christine Quinn- former Selling Sunset cast member, was spotted with previous cast mates, Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, and Nicole Young.

The four of them were seemingly spotted at an event together posing for videos and pictures.  The interaction in the TikTok video seemed relatively drama-free- unlike when Christine was on the Netflix show.


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Christine was also spotted with Davina- another Selling Sunset cast member- as you can see in the above photo series, posted to Christine’s Instagram recently.

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset

What does this mean for fans of the Netflix reality real estate-focused show?

It is unclear right now as Quinn left the show after being accused of allegedly bribing an Oppenheim (O) Group client from a then-cast mate named Emma Hernan. Emma, Mary, Nicole, and Jason are still presently on Selling Sunset, and the series is set to launch Season 8 soon.

The cast has allegedly already finished filming Season 8 (it reportedly wrapped earlier) so it is unclear if Season 9 is in the works or if Christine will appear on the show again. Right now, it seems as though the present and former cast mates are on good terms but we don’t know for sure what this means for the show- if this interaction will have any impact on the cast.

When is Selling Sunset Season 8 coming out?

The exact date has yet to be announced although it is reportedly set to premiere this year, in 2024.

Did Christine Quinn get fired?

Quinn reportedly told People that she terminated her contract with the Oppenheim Group when her brokerage launched. “I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage.” (noted here)

Although we don’t know what this interaction means exactly for Christine or the show, what are your thoughts on this footage between the present and former castmates? 

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