Why is Shanquella Robinson video trending? HOLR is breaking down the latest.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, was reportedly seen being beaten in a rented villa in Mexico while on vacation with friends late last year, as noted here. She was later found dead.

Shanquella Robinson Autopsy

Robinson allegedly rented a villa in San Jose del Cabo with friends in order to celebrate a friend’s birthday. However, the young woman was found dead inside the villa- just a day later- following a distressing video being circulated online. According to news outlets such as this one, the FBI is now refusing to release the autopsy results related to her death, after Robinson was reportedly seen being beaten inside the room by her friends.

The family is now calling out the FBI for lack of transparency as mentioned here.

Shanquella Robinson Video

The disturbing video shows Robinson being beaten by friends. A day later she was found dead inside the villa. Apparently, an autopsy later revealed Robinson died from a broken neck and other trauma. This follows initial reports that she died from alcohol poisoning, stated here.

The family of Shanquella Robinson still hopes justice will prevail, even though the “level of urgency” isn’t there.

Shanquella Robinson Reddit

Here’s what Reddit users had to say about the incident in this thread regarding an alleged CNN report that states, “US prosecutors tell the family of Shanquella Robinson they won’t pursue charges in her death in Mexico.”

“Bruh she did NOT deserve that – for all you folks just here and as reported: her “friends” took her on a Mexico trip to confront her about 5th grade stuff then killed her,” said one user.

“This is such bullcrap. She is being assaulted on video by her so-called friends? Are people confused? Shanquella was killed by her American friends on vacation. They lied to her parents and came home like nothing was wrong,” said another.

“How do you have a video and still not have enough evidence to prosecute?” asked another.

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