Shawn Johnson East Family Becomes a Family of 5!

Tis the season of good times for Olympic gold medallist, Shawn Johnson East and her husband Andrew East as they welcome baby number 3!

New baby East joins older sister Drew, 3, and brother, Jett, 2.

shawn johnson andrew east family

Credit Image: Shawn Johnson East @shawnjohnson

Additionally, the couple made their special announcement via their FamilyMade newsletter on Dec. 14.

And while details are minimal for now, the couple did share that their new bundle had arrived safely via c-section.

“Our baby is healthy and that’s all we can ask for!” the newsletter read.

“Recovery is always a process and I’ve learned to be really patient with my body.”

Also, Shawn shared that the experience third time around is the same but different when it comes to nerves and excitement.

However, the couple previously revealed in an exclusive with E!News that the gender of the new baby is unknown.

Opting to let their little bundle surprise them at delivery.

“There was something so special with Drew about Andrew finding out first in delivery and being able to tell me,” Shawn revealed on July 23.

“It’s his little celebration moment. It was really, really special. And so, we’re like, ‘Let’s just do that one more time.'”

However, the couple have not yet publicly revealed the baby’s gender or name.

shawn johnson husband

Credit Image: Shawn Johnson East @shawnjohnson

Shawn Johnson East Husband

Recently, Shawn Johnson East and husband Andrew opened up a little about their marriage.

And let readers know, their marriage is “not a perfect 10.”

Instead, they revealed what it takes for them to make their marriage work.

While no relationship is simple, the decision they made for the sake of themselves was.

And it simply came down to the pair being themselves and just seeing where things go.

“We were in relationships where we found ourselves morphing to become the person that the other person wanted,” Shawn explained.

it got exhausting. So we just cut straight through it. We were like, we’re going to give it our best shot and if either of us don’t vibe to it, that’s fine.”

A move that is clearly successful so far, as the dup have been married now for seven years.

Follow the link to read more on Shawn and Andrew East.

Congratulations to Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East on their new bundle.

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