Swimmer Michael Phelps family from a family of 5 to a family of 6!

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole Johnson are getting ready for baby number 4!

The picturesque couple made the happy announcement via Instagram this past week while Nicole sported a visible baby bump.

michael phelps

Credit Image: Petr Toman/ Sportsmatik

“For those that are wondering… yes! we’re expecting our 4th Phelps in 2024.”

And according to outlet Today.com, It’s a boy!

That is so wonderful. Congratulations to the happy couple and of course baby Phelps’ siblings.

Michael and Nicole are parents to three older children.

Michael Phelps and Nicole give us an update.

Meanwhile, as they wait for baby Phelps, the couple had also recently celebrated their anniversary.

It’s so wonderful when people are able to find hopefully, their forever love and Mrs Phelps showed this with a loving tribute to her husband on their anniversary.

And she continued her post with a heartfelt honour towards “best friend, hubby and partner thru life.”

Praising her husband as someone she couldn’t ask for more. Aww, could they be any sweeter?
What does the future hold for Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson?

Since meeting in 2007, Michael and Nicole formed friendships, romance and subsequently a family.

But as they prep for baby boy number four, the couple revealed their children have taken charge of naming their baby bro.

“They love the name Drifter. The running joke is that the baby’s name is going to be Drifter,” Nicole revealed.

Nicole also added that her children are, “genuinely excited to meet their brother.”

Of course, they are and it’s sweet that they want to take an active role in their brother’s arrival.

How does mama Nicole feel about having four boys?

Well, in her own words.

“Having four boys will be crazy but wonderful.”

Congratulations again to the beautiful family.

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