Heidi Montag Long-Term Weight Loss Plan

While the 37-year-old mother of two enjoys her new empowered sense of self, Heidi Montag reveals her how she lost 22 pounds.

heidi montag weight loss

Credit Image: Heidi Montag @heidimontag

And according to Montag herself, she absolutely refused to take shortcuts.

So, how did she do it? Montag used a simple three step plan.

First, she eats right, and a good diet plan means ensuring you get the nutrients the body needs.

Second, Montag ensures she has the right exercise regimen.

Because eating right will only do so much if you’re not physically active.

Lastly, she takes supplements which is always a good thing when you eat healthy, and exercise and they can aid weight loss too.

The Hills Star Heidi Montag 22 Pound Weight Loss, Takes Dig at Ozempic Users

Since welcoming her second son with Spencer Pratt in 2022, Heidi Montag has shared her weight loss achievements.

22 pounds lighter and she looks incredible.

heidi montag weight loss

Credit Image: Heidi Montag @heidimontag

But not without taking a few digs at Ozempic [a type 2 diabetes medication] users.

Check it out here.

While celebs are taking to using Ozempic to achieve their weight loss goals, Montag certainly isn’t, and she’s not shy about calling people out on it.

Instead, Montag made it clear that she doesn’t want a short-term solution, she wanted to think about her long-term health.

And she’s bound and determined to do the “hard work,” as she told Page Six recently.

“For me, I’m not looking for a magical weight loss solution.”

And Montag went on to explain her mindset when she thought about her personal health and fitness.

“I’m looking for long-term health. I’m looking for what is the best for my health,” she revealed.

“I want something that is sustainable. I want something that does also require hard work.”

It’s nice to see someone who has this incredible work ethic and well, the results speak for itself.

heidi montag weight loss

Credit Image: Heidi Montag @heidimontag

Heidi Montag 2023

However, ‘The Hills’ star also addressed the growing trend of celebrities using the drug as a weight loss tool.

And oh boy, Montag didn’t pull any punches, but she did make sure not to mention any names though.

Believing there are no shortcuts in life, the reality star blasted those who use it as a means of creating a shortcut.

“There’s no shortcuts in life. And if you’re taking that shortcut, I don’t know” she said.

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