A Shining Light Breaks Through the Darkness. With the recent internet buzz over an alleged thirteenth Zodiac sign named “Ophiuchus” threatening to change everything we already know; people have strongly reconnected with their astrological signs to calm and comfort themselves amongst the global chaos. 

Whether you’re water, fire, earth, or air sign, Swarovski’s new Zodiac II collection is sure to set your celestial soul ablaze. Swarovski’s newest addition boasts twelve stunning astrological pendants traced in sparkling clear crystal pave embracing a central white stone reminiscent of Zodiac stars. 

The Designs:

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19

Inspired by Aries’ “boldness and energy”, this pendant features a stylized sparkling clear crystal ram diving through life with sheer joie de vivre anchored by a gorgeous central white stone.

Taurus – Apr 20 – May 20

The sign of Taurus represents “reliability and tenacity” and this crystal pave encrusted horned bull’s head pendant will fill its wearer with a pampered energy.

Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Representing “gentleness and curiosity” the Gemini sign is beautifully illustrated as twin clear crystal pave lines centred around the white stone central element.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Representing “tenacity and persuasiveness”, this Cancer inspired pendant depicts two stylized shears of crystal pave wrapped like the claws of a crab around a brilliant white central stone.

Leo – July 23 – Aug 22

This Leo inspired pendant represents “passion and creativity” depicted by a stylized lion’s tail anchored with a sparkling white stone.   

Virgo – Aug 23 – Sept 22

Swarovski designed this piece to represent a Virgo’s “hard work and analytical mind”. The first three letters of the Greek word “parthenos” or “virgin” are traced in a stunning representation of the sign’s symbol.

Libra – Sept 23 – Oct 22

Inspired by “harmony and balance” the Libra pendant has a beautiful stylized depiction of scales. Two perfectly symmetrical crystal pave lines are balanced on a central white stone.

Scorpio – Oct 23 – Nov 21

Designed to depict “bravery and decisiveness” with a clear crystal pave tracing of the scorpion’s symbolized image capped with a white stone stinger.

Sagittarius – Nov 22 – Dec 21

This stunning crystal pave tracing of the Sagittarius constellation represents “humour and idealism” and again is centred around a beautiful white stone.

Capricorn – Dec 22 – Jan 19

Representing “responsibility and discipline”, the Capricorn sign of a stylized clear crystal pave sea-goat is delicately traced and sparkles under a central white stone.

Aquarius – Jan 20 – Feb 18

This Aquarius inspired pendant representing “freedom in spirit and action” traces stylized rippling water in crystal pave with a white central stone.

Pisces – Feb 19 – Mar 20

This pendant represents “intuition and an artistic mind”. The symbol depicts two fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions. This is elegantly illustrated in clear crystal pave with a white stone centre.

Pay It Forward or Treat Yourself. 

Perfect for gifting to that special someone or for adorning yourself in the kind of sparkling luxury that only Swarovski can provide, this lovingly crafted collection offers pieces with the power to ignite the constellational glow of those who wear them. Priced at just $99, Swarovski brings these pendants within reach of nearly every consumer wanting to show their astrological pride. Worn alone, each piece becomes the perfect brilliant accent to any outfit or look. However one chooses to wear them, Swarovski’s newest collection is sure to impress and will enchant all who gaze upon them. If today’s horoscope calls for self-care, this is the perfect way to indulge.