The twinkle of thousands of gleaming Swarovski crystals lit up the presentation room for a trandescent experience —  unveiling the brand’s quiet, sophisticated elegance through its 2019 Spring/Summer Collection.


Swarovski held its exclusive media preview at the stunning Hotel X in Toronto this week, a modern conference oriented hotel with astonishing lakeside views.

The preview encompassed a variety of collections throughout the launch including; a valentine’s day collection, mother’s day collection, atelier collection, statement pieces, and even a carefully curated collection designed with actress Penelope Cruz in the making. One of the collections was even mediterranean inspired. Each one of the collections was unique and had a different theme, yet all came together gracefully to produce the main theme, “Follow the Light.”

Swarovski New Collection Spring Summer

The statement pieces included bold, assertive yet sophisticated pieces that are perfect for a gala, or a special night out. The statement collection includes daring pieces that maintain elegance.Swarovski New Collection Spring Summer

The mother’s day collection was all about sunshine with the #followthelight themed collection, referring to the fact that mothers are indeed the light of our lives. The collection included special pieces with sun-shaped rings, necklaces, and watches with sleek designs.

Swarovski New Collection Spring Summer



The Atelier collection was one of the highlights in the preview. This custom line is more on the high-end of the collection, and has more of a luxurious aspect with higher price ranges. The collection (shown below) includes exquisite, grand designs including necklaces, earrings, and arm cuffs — ideal for red carpet events and also serve as statement pieces to wear — to glam up a simple outfit.  Swarovski New Collection Spring Summer


One of the lines in the Atelier Collection (seen below) is a carefully designed collaboration with actress Penelope Cruz.



The Valentine collection (shown below) had a series of necklaces, rings, earrings, all revolved around the theme of love.  A lot of the jewelry had heart and bow shaped designs, fitting the theme perfectly.

Swarovski’s new stunning collection is certainly not one to miss. The collections are being released next season, beginning in January. The brand has captivated the world with it’s exquisite craftsmanship, bringing extraordinary designs and style to women around the world.

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