If you’re looking to improve your mental health, sleep is an easy win that guarantees you feeling better. Select sleeping tips will get you to bed quicker than ever, and keep any sleep anxiety at bay as you try and recoup for the night.


If you’re looking to implement sleeping tips that can help you catch those eight hours every night, here are our some of our top tips for accomplishing just that, from finding the most comfortable mattress you can for your sleep to incorporating a workout routine that’s easy to stick to:


Sleeping Tip #1 – Have a bedtime routine to help with winding down

When it comes to cultivating healthy sleep hygiene habits that ensure you’re getting better sleep, a bedtime routine can make all the difference. Having a bedtime routine will allow your body to begin associating a certain number of set behaviors with sleep.


This can include doing some nighttime reading, lighting your favorite scented candle, or even having a warm shower before you tuck yourself into bed. Creating associations with relaxing practices will allow you to calm your mind down and prepare for a night of uninterrupted sleep.


Sleeping Tip #2 – Optimizing your bedroom for a great night’s sleep

Finding the best mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep is an obvious way to be better rested, and in turn, build strong mental health. Choosing the best mattress for you is going to boil down to needs that are unique to your personal requirements.


For instance, if you’re an athlete or someone looking for more pressure relief in general, then hybrids are probably the best mattresses for you. This is because their supportive base layers lend well for spinal alignment and pain relief.


If you struggle to get comfortable as you’re trying to fall asleep, however, then it’s likely you’ll be after something that provides a little more coziness at night. The best mattresses for snug sleep tend to be made out of memory foam since they’re a lot less firm than standard.


Sleeping Tip #3 – Build an exercise routine you can stick to

Working out on a regular basis can be a great way to improve your mental health, as well as keep a regimented sleep cycle. Most of us have trouble when it comes to sticking to a workout routine that we can keep up with longer than a month or so.


Find a way to integrate our workout routine with your daily schedule – this way, your healthy habits are going to be a lot more sustainable in the long term, and you’ll find your sleep cycle is equally consistent.

Sleeping Tip #4- Use sleep accessories to help with falling asleep

If you’re convinced you’ve already found the best mattress for your sleep, but you’re still tossing and turning in bed, there are other ways to combat your sleep anxiety for better rest. Certain sleep accessories can work to improve your sleep cycle if you’re struggling.


If anxious or racing thoughts are the main reason you’re unable to rest at night, then consider a weighted blanket for a better night’s sleep. Originally created for children with autism, weighted blankets utilize something called gentle pressure stimulation that allows heightened experiences of comfort and rest through the night. They’ve been shown to be especially effective with those who find their mental health the root cause of interruptions to their sleep cycle.


From finding the best mattress you can to understanding how exercise can impact your sleep levels, there are a lot of ways you can achieve stronger mental health by simply sleeping better. You’ll be surprised to discover what an impact a full eight hours of sleep can have on your overall mood and wellbeing.