Have you been feeling the need for a big change for too long now? Is a luxury house the thing that speaks to you the most at this stage of your life? If so, then you’ll want to read this. For many, it takes a long time to find a good property listing, and if you’ve heard the stories, then you must already be dreading the process. With these tips, however, you’ll have everything you need to fast forward through the sale and to your new life.

Choose the Right Agent

The same way you’d go to a dermatologist or a cardiologist to treat you rather than a general practitioner when buying a luxury house, it helps if you go to the experts. Luxury real estate agents are seasoned individuals with a load of experience when it comes to luxury houses. They know the popular local areas, the high net-worth individuals about to sell their property, and most importantly, they have the connection and rapport with previous and existing clients to get you a good price. With a luxury estate agent, you’ll find your dream house in no time, especially because they know about the available houses that aren’t publicly listed.

Get the Money

If you haven’t already, you should take the time to get your financial affairs in order so you could be able to afford the new house. For one, having the money ensures the sellers that you’re serious about the buy, and gives them the impression that the deal will go smoothly. Other than the fact that this will help separate you from the unprepared buyers, come negotiation time, professionalism and a good first impression will, without a doubt, play in your favor. Don’t forget that with complete knowledge of your financials, you can make them an attractive offer that lands you the house. Not to mention, some sellers might ask to see your financials before they dedicate their time to you.

Consider a Build

If you want to fast forward through the buying process, why not avoid it altogether and build your own house? It’s the best way to guarantee yourself the perfect house at a fixed time. Plus, you can choose from a plethora of designs or, as per advice from the folks at www.novushomes.com.au, you can design your own house to match your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Aside from avoiding the hassle of looking for a home, arranging viewings, and negotiating, building your own house could qualify you for a government grant which translates to a cheaper overall cost. If you’re planning on moving into your luxury house and staying for more than ten years, then building it is the way to go.

Social Platforms

Everything happens online nowadays, and sometimes, the best house you can find is the one you find on one of the famous real estate apps or social media platforms. While some sellers prefer to task an agent with the process of finding a buyer, others take matters into their own hands and advertise their own houses online. Instead of waiting on an agent, you can browse the online markets. There are apps that can tell you all about the upcoming open houses near you, and there are home buyer/seller communities on social media that are guaranteed to yield good results quickly.

Look for Serious Sellers

Just as there are non-serious buyers who waste a seller’s time, there are also non-serious sellers. What they do is list their houses to get a sense of the market which won’t ever be in your favor, since they never had the intention to sell in the first place. So, how do you spot a motivated, serious seller? One sign is a major life event. Relocation for work, a new addition to the family, and other things of the sort are always a good sign. However, not everyone would be willing to share such information with you. A motivated seller will also be willing to reduce their price if their house has been on the market for a month or so without any traction, so make sure you know how long a house has been on the market and its pricing history.


That being said, there are some things you should keep in mind when scouring the market for your dream house. No one wants to spend ages looking for a house, but there is a difference between speed and carelessness. If you’re looking to buy a luxurious house, chances are you’re planning on living there for a long time. It’s important that you don’t neglect to take the necessary steps like, visiting the house yourself multiple times and having a house inspection done on the property. All things considered, the last thought you want going through your head after spending that much money is buyer’s remorse. So, make sure you’re making a good investment.