Connect your mind, body and soul; burn a ton of calories, boost your energy, increase your flexibility, and detoxify your body! This isn’t yoga as usual —  Hot HITT Yoga and Pilates takes on a whole new feeling, and HOLR’s Health & Fitness Editor had the pleasure to experience this class full of high intensity, and amazing energy; that will leave your soul full, your mind connected, your body feeling amazing, and coming back for more!

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Where do you find all of this? Solis Movement — located in Toronto. It’s the new go to for all the fitness lovers with their high–exertion studio where the flow is a little faster and the energy is a lot higher.

They offer classes for all skill levels, but the emphasis is really on high-exertion workouts. Practiced in a FAR infrared heated room, classes are meditative but intense. It’s what they call moving meditation- equal parts fun, restorative, and physically challenging.


So who’s behind the creation of this lively movement and how was it born?


About The Founder: 

Laura Parise, founder of Solis Movement, was first introduced to yoga by her mother at age 13 – before yoga was the huge craze it is today. After her first month of weekly classes, she was hooked. As she got older her passion for yoga grew and what was originally a once a week activity evolved towards practicing faster, higher exertion, heated flows. She became a yoga teacher so that she could teach other people that yoga can be so much more than the slow, yin-like practice that many people automatically equate with yoga. This is why all the classes she teaches now at her own studio are high-exertion, challenging workouts that really push her clients, leaving everyone feeling like they accomplished a difficult workout.


Background on Solis:

Laura founded Solis guided by a few core principles: she wanted consistently outstanding teachers, for every class to challenge clients to take their bodies to the next level, and for the studio to foster a truly welcoming and supportive community of like-minded individuals. Her vision for Solis Movement is that every client will always leave feeling stronger than they were when they came, no matter what teacher they have or which class they take. 

Another big differentiating factor between Solis and other yoga studios is that they are one of the first Canadian studios to use FAR infrared heat panels, a type of heat that mimics the feeling of basking in the sun while increasing blood flow, boosting metabolism, alleviating skin conditions, relieving pain and promoting muscle relaxation and detoxification – with no stuffy, steaming feeling that comes with forced air heat (which is what most yoga studios use).

Despite being so new,  Solis has already built an incredibly dedicated community of clients who love how warm and welcoming the space is, with encouraging instructors that support you while pushing you to the max.

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If you’d like to try it out for yourself you can find them at  3451 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Etobicoke or on 

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