Calyx wellness is a Canadian brand that develops CBD-based therapy products to help benefit you, your health, sleep, anxiety, and recovery. Right now, Calyx is having a Spring sale with 20% off everything, including lotions, oils, bath bombs and sprays. 

Calyx products are fully tested, and 100% natural, sourced from non-GMO tested hemp stalks, Calyx has developed a wide-ranging line of CBD products to help center your mind and body. 

The Smooth Plus 1200mg of CBD Lotion: 

The smooth plus tackles even the driest of skin and irritations. The CBD lotion has hydrating properties that with the proper dose can handle the toughest aches and pains as well as moisturization. This 1200mg is the highest concentration and can even help with eczema, and reduce inflammation and irritation. 

Heal CBD Oil:

The Heal CBD Oil is infused with grapeseed oil, MCT oil and hemp-extracted cannabidiol, to help deliver clarity, relaxation and relief. Many people use it to help with anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and relaxation. Put it in your coffee or any other way you enjoy it. 

CBD Bath Bomb:

With three different types, each one can be unique to you and how you use it. Lullaby was created to give you full-body relaxation, allowing you to unwind. This contains lavender among many essential oils that are also antibacterial, and antifungal. 

The heart-to-heart bath bomb was created for the self of partner-based romance. Through aromatherapy of the ylang-ylang flower creates benefits for our limbic brain, the region that controls emotions and influences the nervous system, allowing you to reduce stress and lower the heart rate. 

The detox bath bomb was created for you to uplift and pamper yourself. The peppermint and ti-tree aromatherapy is designed to boost energy, clear the respiratory tract, stimulate circulation and

soothe aches and headaches. Peppermint is commonly known to soothe nausea and stomach discomfort, especially for anxiety and morning sickness. 

CBD Oral Spray:

Take a deep breath and clear your sinuses, with these CBD oral sprays you can relieve stress, pain and anxiety any time of the day. Peppermint, lemon-lime, and spearmint, all containing cannabidiol, grapeseed oil and MCT oil to help combat any symptoms of anxiety and pain you are feeling. 

As a brand that wants to help you recover, from March 31st- April 5th they are giving 20% off of everything, and they even have CBD products for your pets. Check out Calyx to create your perfect sanctuary at home.