Looking to spread a little holiday cheer this season? Well then, look no further weary reader – you’ve come to the right place! Our pals at Edison Cannabis Co. have a stellar lineup of holiday goodies that will make the perfect gift for your friends and fam this year. Whether you’re a fan of flower, edibles, beverages or vapes, Edison has a genius holiday enhancer or gift idea just for you! Check out their festive line up of gingerbread chocolate truffles, high-quality flower and ready-to-go pre-rolls below and make sure you add them to your “Nice” list this holiday season!

Gingerbread Bytes

Gingerbread spice makes the holidays nice! High-quality takes on a new meaning this holiday with Edison’s artisanal chocolate truffles, infused with THC (or as we prefer to call it – holiday cheer). Delicately spicy gingerbread flavours mingle with Edison’s signature rich milk chocolate, making these truffles the perfect holiday treat for almost anyone on your gift list (including you!).

Re:Mix (Rapid Dissolving Powder)

RE:MIX dissolvable powder is the latest (and potentially greatest) innovation from Edison, that gives almost everyone on your gift list a chance to enjoy cannabis THEIR WAY this holiday season. RE:MIX can be added to almost any beverage transforming it into a cannabis-infused drink, offering a festive option to spice up your holiday bevvy’s this year. With THC, CBD or THC:CBD balanced options, there should be a right RE:MIX for every adult on your list!

Limelight 3.5g

This high-THC sativa flower will have you craving milk and cookies in no time! Heady and uplifting Edison’s Limelight (Ultra Sour) is characterized by its tangy, sour flavour, lush bud structure and moss green highlights. Tipping the scales at a THC range of 20-27%, Limelight is a heavy hitter to enjoy with whatever is on your holiday calendar this year. Make no mistake dear reader, this is one HIGH POWERED sour!

Pro Tip – Limelight’s dominant terpene’s include: Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Humulene

The General (Grapefruit GG4) 3.5g

For those of you that have ever thought of spending your holiday season on a beach surrounded by palm trees and mistletoe, this is your chance! Toke the tropics this year with The General (a.k.a. Grapefruit GG4), a Sativa flower that features an alluring intersection of grapefruit-meets-gasoline aromas. The General can be identified by its vivid green buds, tangerine pistils, grapefruit undertones, citrusy gasoline aroma and comes in at a comfy 17-24% THC level.

Pro Tip – The General’s dominant terpene’s include: Terpinolene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene

Chemdog 3.5g

Looking for something a little more citrusy than your fruit cake this holiday season? Chemdog has you covered – this is one sweet and sour flower! Edison’s Chemdog is a Hybrid strain that boasts beautiful berry and floral notes, complemented by a spicy citrus undertone, fruity aroma, violet-green buds and a tall tapered, trichome covered flower.  With a THC range of 18-25% this Hybrid flower has it all.

Pro Tip – Chemdog’s dominant terpenes include: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene

Limelight, The General & Chemdog Pre-Rolls

If you’re scrambling to get all of your holiday gifts ready and don’t have time to “wrap” your festive Edison flower – don’t worry! Edison’s elves have been hard at work pre-rolling all of the above Edison strains just for you! Three to a pack and ready to go whenever you are? That’s Genius.

Holiday Tags

Can’t get out of the house this year to buy a few of your holiday season necessities? Choose from a number of custom gift tags that you can print out and use on all of your Edison goodies. Easy to download and sure to bring a smile to the faces of your friends and fam, this is Edison’s (FREE) gift to you!

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