The feeling of being overwhelmed and unmotivated is sometimes inescapable.

Now that it’s the new year (yay 2018!), there is no better time than now to take on the challenge of living healthier and feeling better. The voice inside our head may be leading us down a path of filling quick needs like eating junk food or spending your time binge watching your favourite TV series, rather than getting up and doing something about habits that may be holding us back.


Everything starts with a step, which is why Health Expert Karla Gillis has made it easy for us to take the first one! What better time to take on a 30-day get fit challenge then at the beginning of a new 365 days.


30 Day Fitness Challenge

Cardio & Toning Morning And / Or Evening

Spell out a name of anything you want; it can be a day of the week, your favorite food, your children’s or pets names etc….whatever you spell out, do the exercise listed with each letter, then move to the next letter and so on till the name is fully spelt, then REST for 30 seconds to 1 min and repeat till you reach 10 to 30 min.

This is my favorite! It’s fun, and different every day. If it’s a short name you spell repeat it 3 or more times to make sure you get your 15- 30 min in. Or you can spell out multiple different things and be creative, it keeps the body confused so it doesn’t know what you will be doing every morning or evening, and is a great way to ‘Get and Keep” your metabolism working. You will notice that there is a few that say resistance bands; if you do not have one you can still do this exercise without. The idea is to get you in the habit of scheduling yourself in for some sort of exercise whether it’s 10 min or 30 min just get moving, get those endorphins flowing, and start feeling fabulous. Start with 10 min, master that then increase as you progress. This will help build confidence and willpower which are key to conquering any goal; big or small. I recommend starting with 10 min in the morning and 10 min in the evening. Then you can decide as the month progresses what works.


Do the whole name you spell once with no rest, then rest for 1 minute and repeat it 2-5 more times depending on length of name you spell. If you spell a long name then do first few letters and rest 30 seconds, and finish last few letters. This can also be used if you are travelling, on vacation; it’s super fun to do on the beach, or at home if you are visiting family for the holidays or if you simply are unable to get to the gym or don’t like going to the gym but still want to workout. You may add resistance bands, or light dumbbells to amp it up and add more difficulty if desired.

A – 50 Jumping Jacks
B – 25 Knee to Elbow Ab Crunches
C – 15 180 Jump Squats
D – 15 Pushups (you may modify the push up by resting knees on floor)

E – 20 Donkey Side Kicks
F – 10 Burpees
G – 2 min plank
H – 20 Jump Squats
I – 20 In & Out Jump Squats
J – 20 Walking Lunges
K- 20 Resistance Band Crab Walks – Front
L – 20 Resistance Band Crab Walk – Side

M – Plank Side Walks (7 right, 7 left) N – 25 Mountain Climbers

O – Skipping Fast Pace 30 sec.
P – 20 V tucks

Q – 20 plank Jacks
R – Skipping 1 min
S – 20 modified push ups (knees on floor- optoinal)
T – 40 Plank Knee Drives
U – 10 Burpees
V – 30 Russian Twists
W – 30 Stationary Squats (resistance bands – optional) X – 15 Tricep Dips

Y- 1 Min Plank
Z – 20 Jump Squats


Yoga Stretch Routine

Here is a yoga stretch routine you can do every morning hold each pose for 20-30 seconds. (Total stretch time 3-5 min.) This will help with your range of motion, flexibility, blood flow, get you opened up feeling great, and ready for your day!

Or try this Morning Yoga And Stretch


1. Take 3 deep breaths Heart opener stretch 2. Shoulder blade stretch each arm

3. Forward fold: Bend over with head & arms hanging towards the ground, let everything dangle and be still there for a good 30 seconds.

4. Downward facing Dog pose stretching each leg
4. Slowly go into Pigeon Pose – Stretch each leg
5. Standing groin stretch: Be sure to stretch each leg

6. Cat Cow Pose
7. Childs pose
8. Happy baby pose

Work through both these exercises for the next 30 days and we promise the journey won’t end there.

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