How Old Is Ariel On The Bachelor?

Ariel Frenkel is a 28-year-old marketing executive from New York City. Her birth date is August 24th, 1994. She made quite the impression on fans of “The Bachelor” during her time on the show with Zach Shallcross as the lead. Fans were captivated by her journey to find love with bachelor Zach and were sad to see her leave the show in the third to last episode.

Ariel’s fun-loving personality and love of adventure made her stand out from the other contestants. Her passion for travel and exploring new places was evident throughout the show, as she went on dates in locations such as Talinn, Estonia and Krabi, Thailand. Fans were especially impressed by her Hometown Date in New York City, where she showed Zach around her favorite spots in the city and introduced him to her close-knit Ukrainian family.

Although Ariel was ultimately eliminated from the show, fans were left with many positive memories of her time on “The Bachelor.” She proved to be a strong and independent woman who was unafraid to be herself.

Ariel Bachelor Bio

Ariel’s Bachelor bio said: “[she] is a thrill-seeker, and here at “The Bachelor,” thrill she will find. Ariel is adventurous, sophisticated, unapologetically herself and is looking for a man who can match her energy! Ariel comes from a big, loving Ukrainian family and is looking to find love like her parents have. She is a woman of the world and has traveled everywhere, from Europe to Asia to South America and more! When she’s not jet-setting, she loves exploring her hometown of New York City by going on long walks and listening to SZA. Ariel is truly hoping that Zach is her perfect match!”

Before appearing on “The Bachelor,” Ariel worked as a freelance Marketing Consultant and had previous experience in account planning and project management. Her education at George Washington University prepared her well for her career, and her passion for marketing was evident in her confident and professional demeanor on the show.

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