Ryan Reynolds’ is a man of many talents. It’s obvious that he looks good in everything, from his performances as the “Green Lantern,” (emphasis on the green), or it’s in red as “Deadpool.” He never disappoints.

We all know how good of an actor he is, but what about the clothes he wears when he’s out on the street? Reynolds definitely has style. No matter what colour he decides to pick from the wide range of available colours, it’s a guarantee that the star actor will pull it off.

Let’s take a deep dive into Reynolds’ street style!

The Windbreaker

Ryan Reynolds in a windbreaker.

Image Credit: gq.com

Reynolds’ outfit is screaming that it is unfussy. Though the fit is mellow, it looks stylish. When can you ever go wrong with khakis? never. The Deadpool superstar is rocking a cream windbreaker, along with blue khakis. To add some spice to the ensemble, Reynolds has decided to go for a cap as well. The look is completed with similar colours shoes to the windbreaker, which is a pretty common theme amongst many other mainstream combinations. He is looking bright during the daytime, and these outfits are perfect for something when the light is shining outside. Also, the Apple watch on his wrist is customized with a rainbow strap as well. Everything just looks clean.

The bomber

Ryan Reynolds in a bomber jacket.

Image Credit: esquire.com

I’m not going to lie, it’s rare to see a bomber jacket layered with a buttoned down collared shirt. But somehow, Reynolds has pulled it off smoothly. There is a lot going on in this outfit, but it works. You know what they say right? More is less. Reynolds decided to match the colours of his button-front-shirt with his bomber jacket, opting to go for the colour navy blue. The khakis are also back, this time in the colour grey – perfectly fitted. His shoes are interesting to say the least. They look like a casual version of a pair of tan bucks. To accessorize, he has gone for a simple watch, a wristband, and a pair of square framed glasses. The short hair adds an element of neatness to his appearance.

Making a statement

Ryan Reynolds in a unique shirt.

Image Credit: gq-magazine.co.uk

It appears as if Reynolds loves his layers. The thing that’s standing out here is his shirt. His top has is making a statement, and it has succeeded. The print is clashing, however, it somehow works. The key here is the colour-combination used by Reynolds. He is wearing a beige bomber jacket on top of the abstract shirt. Underneath the shirt is a white vest sticking out sneakily. The eyewear is back again, and the golden ring on his left hand is matching well with the top.

Sweet in tweed

Ryan Reynolds in a tweed suit.

Image Credit: gq-magazine.co.uk

Hello to you too Mr. Reynolds. It would be a crime to write this piece without including Reynolds in a suit. And what a suit it is. The full tweed suit is overwhelming, but it is being neutralized with the tie he is wearing. The navy and green stripes on the tie are bringing balance to the suit. The white shirt is shining bright, and so is his smile. Everything fell into place perfectly.

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