Tom Cruise is one of the most attractive Hollywood actors of all time, but that doesn’t need to be said. He has been one of the biggest starts since the 1980s and has charmed the world with his glamorous smile.

Cruise has been infamous for some of his leading roles in several movies. Some of them being “Jack Reacher,” “Edge Of Tomorrow,” “Top Gun,” “Mission Impossible,” and many more. In the films, he is beaming with charisma. Perhaps that is why everyone loves watching his movies.

The actor’s aura has overwhelmed in his acting, but so has his fashion sense. He has made his presence felt with what he wears in movies and also when he hits the streets.

Let’s take a look at what Cruise likes to wear when he’s out and about.

Cruising in a greenish-grey

Tom Cruise in grey.

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Cruise has gone for a simple look, because sometimes, less is more. The dashing actor has gone for a unique colour that is a mix of green and grey for his trucker jacket. To keep things lowkey, he is wearing a plain white t-shirt as you do. This is because a plain white t-shirt goes with almost anything. Cruise has then gone for a pair of straight blue colour jeans and a pair of leather scruffed up boots. He hasn’t selected many accessories because let’s be honest, that hair looks short and clean. Cruise is rocking a pair of RayBan aviators. He’s ready to do an action scene for an impossible mission.

Cruising in white

Tom Cruise in a buttoned down shirt.

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Who needs to iron their shirt when you’re Tom Cruise right? Right. It seems as if Cruise loves to keep it simple with his style. He has gone for a plain white buttoned down shirt. To add a little bit of that casual flair, he has rolled up his sleeves half way with big cuffs. To add even more of that casual tint, he has left the top button undone. Cruise has gone for a dark blue pair of straight jeans, and a pair of black leather shoes. Again, the need for accessories is unnecessary when you’ve got a mane like Cruise does. He is wearing a pair of black RayBans with his beautiful bangs falling gracefully right on the edge of them.

Cruise in Nikes

Tom Cruise rocking the Nike shoes.

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Honestly, we never imagined Cruise to be wearing a pair of Nikes. Especially after seeing him in boots all the time. Though it is a nice change. The actor has gone for trucker jacket, which is on the longer side this time around. And the colour of the jacket is navy blue. It’s hard to say what type of shirt he is wearing under the jacket. It appears to be a white buttoned down shirt from the collar and it is tucked inside of his blue straight jeans with a green wash on the front. The accessories are on the heavier side this time around. Cruise has gone for a silver ring on his wedding finger, a pair of shades because he proper loves those, and a black belt to keep things together. Oh and the Nike shoes as well, that are the standout. The Nikes are low-tops and are a mix of green and black with a sky blue trademark bike check mark.

Which look did you dig the most?

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