The ex-Disney star has quickly become one of the most cherished celebrities to enter the spotlight, and it’s obvious why.

Image Courtesy of Zendaya via Instagram

She has transitioned from a youngster starring in Sears commercials alongside Selena Gomez, to becoming the youngest person to receive the Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series last year. Her creative growth from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to serious grown-up roles has brought with it a notable fashion presence. Whether it be red-carpet looks or street style, Daya knows what she’s doing. which has been recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America who are presenting Zendaya as the Fashion Icon of 2021 on November 10th. 

Zendaya at the Dune Premiere, Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

Evidence of the Euphoria star effortlessly executing stunning looks is not hard to come by. Her red carpet presence is enhanced through collaborations with world-class designers, such as Vera Wang who crafted her shimmering forest green gown that she wore to the 2019 Emmy awards. The mastermind behind the curtain of all Daya’s red carpet looks is none other than stylist (he prefers “Image Architect” instead) Law Roach, who has gone on to work with the likes of Celine Dion. Zendaya was his first client, and the pair have worked together since 2011 when Roach “came up with a plan to help an amazing girl show the world what I saw in her,” for Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never premiere, per a UK Vogue article. However, a crew of stylists and outstanding designers are luxuries and not necessities; as the Emmy-winner is capable of throwing together understated outfits with only sweatpants and sneakers. Her aptitude for fashion is on full display while crossing the street in the coveted Jordan 1 colourway “Royals” with a matching black hoodie and pants. Her arsenal of tasteful shoes doesn’t end there, staple sneakerhead Jordan 1 colorways like the “Chicagos’ ‘ and “Breds’ ‘ appear to be in her regular rotation along with some Nike Air Maxes. 

Image Courtesy of Zendaya via Instagram

Giving credit where it’s due, custom gowns on red carpets are nothing to sneeze at, but a stylish shoe game is undoubtedly inspiring for us common folk who aren’t taking home Emmy awards and starring in upcoming SpiderMan movies. If you’re looking to upgrade your footwear and need some inspiration, online retailer StockX has put together a style guide to help you recreate some of Daya’s most iconic looks. Check out Zendaya’s newest film, Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation in theatres now. 

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