Out with the old and in with the new as they say, so who’s to say you have to stick with the outdated headshop accessories when you can have an elevated smoking experience? 

Stylish Cannabis Accessories For Pretty Smokers

Photo Credit: Summerland Ceramics

Cannabis is legal now so might as well embrace the lifestyle with these aesthetically pleasing weed accessories. Not only does it look great to smoke with but it will also look good on your countertop. That means there’s no need to stash the paraphernalia– especially if it looks this good. 

Summerland Ceramics

“Made from Earth, by hand, In California.” Summerland Ceramics makes small batches of premium hand-made ceramic bongs and pipes. As opposed to glass, Summerland uses high-quality, lead-free and food-safe ceramic materials in their products. These ceramics are the same type used in dishware which means it has high durability. If you are wondering if it gives off the same smoking attributes as a glass bong, Summerland claims that their ceramic products have the same smoking purity as glass due to their nonporous finish. 

The bongs come in 3 sizes and are available in colours like charcoal, terracotta, glass white, blue lake and dust. This contemporary bong can practically come off as one of your vases if you want to be discreet. Regardless, if you’re not up for that, you can try to have a hit with their pipes. They offer 3 kinds of types– Fruit Fantasy, Crystal Voyager, and Some Hitter.

Stylish Cannabis Accessories For Pretty Smokers

Photo Credit: Summerland Ceramics

Fruit Fantasy and Some Hitter do not look like pipes at all, which again, is ideal for the discrete smoker type. If not though, these pipes are cool enough as a conversation starter. Seriously, look at it. It’s so cool.

Stylish Cannabis Accessories For Pretty Smokers

Photo Credit: Mamasun Ceramics

Mamasun Ceramics

The founder, Soleil, is a Filipino immigrant located in New York where she completely makes her pottery products by hand. A look into her pottery online store shows a variety of products from mugs, incense holders, vases and of course, weed accessories. Balance Jar is possibly the cutest stash jar there is. Hand-made and hand-painted by Soleil herself, this jar can stash spices, jewelry and obviously, weed. Araw Ring Pipe is a circular–hence the name– ring pipe that looks like a hollowed-out ashtray. Again, A+ for paraphernalia discretion. 

Stylish Cannabis Accessories For Pretty Smokers

Photo Credit: Lollipots Ceramics

Lollipots Ceramics

This Quebec-based ceramic shop is owned by ceramist Stephanie Kate Walker. Her products like the Half-Moon ashtray will inspire you to bring your ashtray game up! The said geometrical ashtray is equipped with a joint and a lighter holder. Aptly, she even offers a set called “Wake and Bake” which includes the Half-Moon ashtray and a 12oz Hexagon mug. Truly the only great way to start the morning!

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