4/20 is officially upon us so we’re rounding up the top must-haves and accessories for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.


Calling all cannabis enthusiasts! Let’s be blunt- we’re sharing the top cannabis products and accessories for celebrating 4/20 this year. Check out our list below to shop the latest from your favourite brands!

Tokyo Smoke

The GRAV® Classic Spoon offers a chic take on the classic pipe that both looks great and is easy to use. It also features thoughtful details such as the brand’s inverted ash-catching mouthpiece. You can shop this must-have in a range of beautiful colourways.  As a result, this helps to ensure a more customized experience.

glass cannabis pipe

Image Credit: Tokyo Smoke

The Deep Space Limon Splashdown beverage features a full lemon and lime flavour profile. As a  10mg THC-infused carbonated beverage, it thoughtfully fuses cannabis distillate with a familiar, non-alcoholic beverage. As a result, this is a refreshing must-have to enjoy this 4/20!

cannabis beverage

Image Credit: Tokyo Smoke

Fire and Flower

Say “high” to your new 4/20 faves. These Berry Good Day CBD-Monjour-Gummies come assorted and make for the perfect 4/20 treat. Moreover, they can also be tailored to your desired CBD experience.

cannabis dummies

Image Credit: Fire and Flower


Light up in style with this Superette Electric Lighter, which is the ideal 4/20 companion. As a rechargeable USB lighter, it’s eco-friendly which means it’s on-trend for Earth Day and 4/20. Win-win! You can also shop this lighter in two retro-inspired colourways.

electric lighter

Image Credit: Superette Shop

Delta 9

Delta 9’s Pre-Rolled Bliss joints are the ideal blend of Delta 9’s strains. They offer a medium-range THC potency with smooth flavour, making them perfect for 4/20 sessions. Therefore, you’ll be sure to get the perfect pull every time.

Remember to go low and start slow when consuming cannabis!

pre-rolled joints

Image Credit: Delta 9

The TIDAL Cherry Lip Balm is all-natural, paraben-free, and features 50mg CBD. It also includes ingredients such as calendula oil and cocoa butter. You’ll love how smooth this product feels on the lips.

cannabis cherry lip balm

Image Credit: Delta 9

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