Your one-stop-shop for cannabis and lifestyle products.

Say hello to Toronto’s newest cannabis and lifestyle retailer, Cann Shop. Cann Shop is dedicated to creating the most memorable cannabis experience in Ontario, championing the movement to de-stigmatize cannabis while also helping create a community of intentional, well-informed consumers.

The brand’s latest establishment is 7,000 square feet in size and has an extensive and expansive inventory of cannabis and lifestyle products, many of which you can’t find anywhere else in Canada. 

Check out our favourite lifestyle picks from Cann Shop below:

Self-Care/Relaxation Must-Haves

Relax and unwind with exclusive items from Cann Shop such as the Cann Shop Candle ($25) and Cann Shop Beacon Throw ($60). These items are both local store products and are ideal for creating an overall cozy vibe and relaxing atmosphere. 

To help keep all your self-care must-haves safe and together, we also love and highly recommend the Chakra Box – Heart ($24)

Must-Try: Exclusive Stash Jars

The Cann Shop carries a variety of stash jars. They not only help store your goods but they can also make simple and unique décor pieces. Choose from an assortment of stash jars such as their Canna Mom Jar ($18)Vintage Bus Stash Jar ($23), or Donut Stash Jar ($20), all of which will be sure to add a super fun accent to any room or space. 

How to Customize Your Kitchen

Cann Shop carries unique kitchen staples for anyone and everyone- ranging from experienced canna-lovers to anyone who is canna-curious. 

Try Bong Appetite ($40), which is a must for anyone looking to explore cooking with cannabis. The Waffle Eye Waffle Maker ($120) is also the perfect kitchen addition because it makes hemp leaf-shaped waffles – yum! – and is super simple to use!

Make sure to check out Cann Shop (@cannshopcannabis) newest Toronto-based location! You can also visit the website for more information and to shop for these products and more!