Following Cassie’s sexual abuse claims against Diddy and more lawsuits being exposed, ‘Surviving Diddy’ is trending online.

As noted in this article, 50 Cent is allegedly teasing a ‘Surviving P Diddy’ movie following more accusations coming out involving suing Diddy for sexual assault. This new lawsuit follows Cassie’s bombshell lawsuit against Diddy that alleges sexual abuse and rape during the course of their 10-year relationship.

Surviving Diddy

The title of this alleged teaser documentary 50 Cent is proposing is a play on the documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ which follows the “history of allegations against R. Kelly, in which the women give detailed accounts of sexual and mental abuse” – as outlined by Netflix.

After Diddy went viral online recently for being involved in multiple lawsuits, rumors started swirling regarding a documentary being made about the rapper, similar to the one made about R. Kelly. In this article, it was reported that 50 posted the following to their social media after the latest scandals:


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This is 50 Cent’s newest jab at Diddy and the people he was previously involved with, following these new accusations.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support the allegations that a documentary entitled ‘Surviving Diddy’ will come to fruition, what do you think about 50 Cent entering the conversation, teasing an alleged movie/documentary?

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