Diddy took to social media to post an apology video regarding the viral clip of him beating ex-girlfriend Cassie. Where is he now?

Diddy Apology

Diddy took to social media to post the below apology video, taking accountability for his actions following a disturbing clip of him beating Cassie- who he dated, previously. Here is the viral apology video where he takes “full responsibility” for his actions in the video of him beating Cassie in the hotel lobby.


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Diddy and Cassie

He titled the post, “I’m truly sorry.” Diddy and Cassie started dating in 2007 and were linked for approximately a decade. When Cassie filed a lawsuit against Diddy for sexual and physical assault late last year, the duo settled quickly. Diddy is currently reportedly under federal investigation following claims of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

Diddy will reportedly not be charged for the 2016 hotel video making its rounds online, which shows him brutally beating Cassie.

Where is Diddy Jet

It was believed that Diddy left the US in March of this year, in which his jet was allegedly tracked traveling to Antigua in the Caribbean as noted here. Then he was supposedly spotted in Miami around April. Now, it is alleged that he is in Indonesia- which is where people believe he filmed this new apology video.

What are your thoughts on Diddy’s apology and alleged whereabouts?

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