We have entered a new era of spiritual healing. Long gone are the days of needing a guru or mystic to heal or bring personal enlightenment into your life. With so much chaos and change happening in the world, many are turning to alternative forms of healing to find reprieve.


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For those new to this world it may be challenging to discern what is real and what is just an expertly marketed guise. Coming directly from Source and condensed into form, Tachyon Energy is as real as it comes. This pure Universal life force energy has the ability to heal, clear, and elevate your consciousness faster than the speed of light. Like a super charged Reiki session, Tachyon releases blockages at their energetic core, and gives you exactly what you need.

This has lasting beneficial impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Endorsed widely by the internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Healer Shaman Duerk , Tachyon Chambers are popping up around the globe in an effort to make this healing energy far more accessible. With the latest chamber open in Toronto, we spoke with Linda Chau of  Tachyon Healing Centre to find out more.


What is Tachyon and why is it useful?

Tachyon is a powerful subatomic particle. It is pure energy source. It is useful for rebalancing and harmonizing our spiritual being as well as our dense physical form.


What can one expect from a session in the Tachyon Chamber?

Many things can occur but differently for everyone because we are all individuals that need very specific, different healing. Everyone will experience both a physical reaction and a spiritual one. Although the level of intensity will vary to a degree depending on ones needs at the current state in their life. 

Spiritually speaking one can gain higher ascension, awareness, clarity. The ability to see with their third eye (visions). 

Physically speaking: Body sensations vary from buzzing, pulsation, and vibrations. All over the body or specific body areas. Some may experience headaches. There are many feelings that may show up. Nothing negative can live within this specific Tachyon Field, but that doesn’t mean that one won’t be overcome with feelings of sadness and anxiety. Feelings the Tachyon field will invoke to the surface so the person will learn to sit with it, dive deep into it, and assist you to help you to conquer it. 


Where did Tachyon come from?

Tachyon is a natural source of energy. It exists like air and water. It is formless but its fields can be felt. 


 What inspired you to open up a Tachyon centre?

My passion to understand the human journey and the spiritual journey.

It has given me clarity on life and understanding that no book, lecture or teacher ever can. 


What has your own experience from Tachyon been?

Life changing. Tachyon has given me the skills to adapt and surrender to life with another level of what love and kindness means.  It is not an instruction. It has integrated into my being. It has given me foresight and the ability to perceive circumstances and situations on a different dimension which has made me much more of an observer of life instead of a walking reaction to life.  


Given the amount of healing out there today, how does Tachyon stand apart and why would you recommend it?

I would recommend someone to try as many modalities of healing there is that feels appropriate for them. There is a gift in all of them. Healing should never be limited, or isolated to a form or identity. Groups and programs can offer community and social love so I highly recommend healing activities that promote the social aspect of being present. The Tachyon chamber stands alone because it is made for a solo journey. Aside from being set up into the chamber there is no facilitator, instructor or healer present. The work that is most important is the internal work someone does for themselves. This is what the chamber is for, it is different because the field provides a space in which it holds a person accountable for the self healing they have to do for themselves. The volunteer will have to learn to sit with themselves and what comes up from sitting with themselves.


Can anyone use and benefit from Tachyon energy? 



How can we find you to book a session?

Please book a session online at www.tachyonhealingcentre.com.

We recommend the 60 minute sessions.

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The body is an open cage and vessel for the soul. Where I am housed and secured to go live life to the fullest. Take care of your body like your house. Take care of the space you are in and the space in you, and in return the respect you show for the space around and in you will reflect in your life. . . . . A crystal palace I recently visited in Madrid, Spain. Is a reflection on the healthy image of one should have of their own encasing. View life beautifully from the inside. . . . . #tachyon #tachyonhealing #tachyonrods #tachyonhealingcanada #tiff2019 #tachyonproducts #tachyonhealingchambers #torontomeditation #torontoreiki #toronto #tachyoncanada #tachyonenergy #illuminationrods #tachyonilluminationrods #torontohealingcenter #toronto #torontomeditation #torontoyoga #newyorkreiki #energywork #torontotarot #soundhealingtoronto #torontoyoga #yogatoronto #torontoyogashow #newyorkmeditation #torontocrystals #newyorkreiki #soulwork #soulhealing #reiki #reikihealer #toronto

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