Season after season there are a few pieces that are traditional fashion staples in our wardrobes.  We can choose to invest in great quality fashion pieces that we can continue to pull out, or we can purchase similar versions of these timeless pieces year after year.

By: Alexandra Aulicino


1) Black Turtle Neck 

A black turtle neck is the perfect base to any outfit.  When looking to purchase a good quality turtle neck look for a nice fabric that is thin enough to be tucked in to any bottoms.  Pair this under a blazer and wear with denim for a chic, cool look.

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2) Classic Blazer 

A blazer is a must have especially in the winter, although there are plenty of blazer styles in stores year round a blazer is key for a winter wardrobe.  When looking to invest in one blazer it is best to purchase oversized, the colour is really up to your taste but a neutral colour, or houndstooth which will add texture is always classic and will add a little something to any look.


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3) Classic Tan or Black Coat 

A classic coat in a mid to long length is a winter must have, this is perfect for any outing and makes any look appear put together.  Tan and black are timeless colours and depending on your preferred colour pallet will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.  When looking for a coat look for one that is weighted and is closed with either buttons or a tie waist.

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4) Knee High Boots 

Knee high boots will dress up any winter outfit and seeing as you can only see your coat and shoes when leaving the house in those colder months, killer shoes are key.  Knee high boots with a thick or thin heel in either suede or leather are amazing.  If you are looking for a dressier option leather with a thin heel will dress up any outfit.

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5) Trench Coat 

A mid length tan trench coat is a classic look that never goes out of style.  Throwing on one of these coats instantly makes your outfit look more expensive and elegant.  Yet they can be paired with trendy pieces and go from chic to trendy.

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6) Black Ankle Boots 

Black ankle boots are a winter must have not only for fashion lovers but for practical reasons.  Ankle boots in a black leather are easy to take care of and go with almost every outfit.  If your style is more casual you can go for a biker option or if you are more classic you can go for a simple Chelsea boot style.

7) Cashmere Sweater 

Living without a cashmere sweater in the winter is unimaginable!  These sweaters will quickly be your go to due to their amazing soft feel.  Depending on your style you can go for a fitted or oversized sweater in any neutral colour.

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8) Skinny Jeans 

Skinny jeans are a staple throughout the year but work amazing in the winter due to the fact that we are often layering heavy pieces on our upper bodies that can make us look bulky, having tight jeans on brings balance to any look.  When buying skinny jeans black is the best option to invest in as they go with every look and can be dressed up or down.

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9) Leather Trousers 

Leather trousers are a great way to spice up a boring winter look while keeping your it chic.  A fitted pair of black trousers are perfect to wear with any sweater or to dress up at night time with a blouse. These are a great alternative to the skinny jeans, and are great for evening as it is often way too cold to have bare legs.

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10) Large/Blanket Scarf 

A large scarf is a chic way to keep warm and look good while doing it.  This is a piece that is so easy to style and looks amazing with any winter look.  Any colour you like will work for this but again neutrals are always amazing.


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All of these pieces are classic and will be in style year after year.  Having good quality, timeless pieces that you can rework and rewear makes them wardrobe staples.  Although trends change every winter, these pieces are bases to your outfit that can be embellished with the trends of the season.


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