Rumor has it Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are spending the holidays in Kansas City- together!

According to this TikTok video posted by user @riristea, rumor has it that Swift and her rumored boyfriend, Kelce, are spending Christmas and NYE in Kansas City together.

Image Credit: @riristea TikTok

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

As the TikToker notes, a source reportedly told Page Six (here) that Swift will be in Kansas City with Kelce on both Christmas and New Year’s Day. This is because he allegedly works at this time. The Chiefs are playing the Raiders on Christmas Day, and they play the Bengals. Both games are scheduled to be in Kansas City so it makes sense that Swift will be nearby cheering on her mam as usual.

Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game

It is supposedly unclear if Swift’s family will be with the two of them during the holidays but Swift’s dad did attend the Chief’s game last week.

What do you think about Swift spending the holidays with Kelce?

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