Cute or creepy? Social media accounts are claiming to be tracking Taylor Swift’s private jet to see where the star is going next.

Taylor Swift Private Jet Tracking

Everyone wants to know where Taylor Swift is heading to next! This article claims that social media accounts such as TikTok and Instagram are filled with content regarding Taylor’s private jet, in which it is alleged that some fans are able to track her location. For instance, there are unverified images of maps going viral online that seemingly show the jet’s recent flight path.

Additionally, this Instagram account – @taylorswiftjets- seemingly tracks and posts Swift’s jets and flight paths to determine where the star will be spotted next.

For instance, in the above pic, the claims that Swift’s 7x allegedly landed near Kansas City, Missouri, US recently. Her rumored boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor Swift Private Jet Tracker

As the article stated, it is unclear if these flight paths circulating online are legitimate or not, and the question of whether or not this is an invasion of Swift’s privacy has come up as a concern. Some fans are intrigued to learn of Swift’s potential flight path while others think this is a creepy way to keep track of the star.

What do you think about tracking Taylor Swift’s jet online?

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