Is Taylor Swift going to Sunday Night Football?

According to the Promo for “Sunday Night Football,” yes! Taylor Swift will be in attendance.

And the Kansas City Chiefs game versus the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey will air on Sunday.

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However, some think that NFL player Travis Kelce might be trying to cash in on the “Swift Effect.”

Do you think so? Watch the clip below to hear what people are saying.

But whether Kelce is or not might not be relevant, check out this Promo.

Taylor Swift had already been an NFL fan according to online sources.

What NFL team does Taylor Swift support?

And apparently Swift had been a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

So why wouldn’t she let them use one of her songs? Or care that her man had seen a popularity boost?

Social Media comes alive amid Taylor Swift’s attendance this Sunday.

While the anticipation of seeing Taylor Swift this Sunday is peaking, there’s been a lot of humour around it.

Especially where her Eras Tour had been concerned, with many pointing out that Swift had been spending more time in NFL stadiums than the players.

But how has the “Swift effect” been a boon to Travis Kelce? Check this out.


What else in the Taylor Swift NFL media storm?

Meanwhile, the “Swift Effect” had been a boon in other areas of the NFL too.

Between the record-breaking Eras Tour and Taylor Swift’s attendance at NFL games it had seen a huge increase of profits within the NFL industry.

And the boost in tv ratings have representatives calling it a “match made in heaven.”

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Tune in to see Taylor at the NFL game on Sunday.

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