Taylor Swift performed in cooler conditions recently- which resulted in the singer having to wipe her nose on stage in front of a stadium full of people.

Taylor Swift Nose Video

June 11, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @xcrystine, Taylor Swift performed on stage in Edinburgh when it was just 8 degrees Celsius recently.

Taylor Swift Wiping Nose

As a result, the singer had to wipe her nose on stage in front of the crowd as it was dripping from the cold. In the viral clip above, you can see the singer visibly wiping her nose while performing her song in front of a stadium full of people. However, she jumps right back into the music as if nothing happened.

According to users in the comment section of the above video, the stadium was cold because of the wind, which is why you can see that Swift was visibly cold on stage.

The weather, however, sparked a heated debate in the comment section-

Canadians took over the comments to claim that 8 degrees Celsius is actually warmer than we might think- what are your thoughts on the viral video and subsequent comments? one thing is for sure- nothing will stop Swift from putting on an amazing show! 

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Image Credit: @xcrystine TikTok

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