Your mental health affects your entire life, but so does being honest and true about who you are, so how do you make sure that your mental health won’t be affected once you do come out?

Firstly, understand that who you are is perfect and no matter what the outcome that you will continue to live as your authentic self. Coming out is not an easy task, (even though in this day and age I believe “coming out” shouldn’t really have to be a thing) but since it is, there are a few things you need to be sure of before you do, you need to be sure that you are ready, that if things go south (because they can) you will be able to financially support yourself, especially to all the younger people who still live at home. I urge you to wait until you are financially stable. I know that may be a difficult task, but your safety and well-being is always the priority. 

You will be ready soon enough, give yourself some time to grow, make money and get a place of your own. This way if your family does not respond positively, your well-being will not be affected. The fear of rejection, being kicked out on the street and being disowned by the family is very scary and very real which is why the thought of coming out causes so much anxiety and even depression in many people. Seeing a therapist before you come out could be one of the best things you do to make sure that you are ready for every possible scenario. Also, test out the waters with your parents to find out how they feel about LGBTQ people, you can ask questions such as-  Do you support the community? Or if I were to tell you I was gay what would you do, just see their response and reaction, this will help you with an indication on where they will stand once you tell them. 

Your mental health can be affected by all aspects of life, but for people part of the LGBTQ it can sometimes be a little harder than for most. However, the good news is that life is not stagnant, and it is constantly changing and you as a person are constantly going to keep evolving. So the way to come out and make sure your mental health stays intact is to check in with yourself as much as possible, get the proper help you need, keep moving and remember you are not a mistake, you are loved, valued and valid. 

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