Depression is highly prevalent, especially in the young generation due to several reasons. There is not a single, but multiple reasons that contribute to depression. Sometimes, the high expectation of young people of themselves can lead to mental issues. However, it may be due to a specific event in their lives. It is reported that most teenagers are depressed due to bullying or cyberbullying at school. Bullying is widespread, especially in high school, and most youngsters are afraid to speak up.

However, it is imperative to raise your voice in such matters. You need to find the courage to do what is best for yourself.
What is the main cause of depression amongst the youth? Well, there are many reasons
for depression within the youth, and it varies from person to person. However, if we look at things as a whole, bullying and social media play a huge role. Many young people take their lives when they are bullied to no end. Bullying is unacceptable, whether it is harmful or harmless. People tend to lose their peace of mind when they have people continually bugging them. There are many cases of bullying reported all across the world, especially in school.

A small remark on the appearance can also be distraught a person to no end. However, it is crucial to grow a thick skin and take action against nasty people. Sometimes, young people are so innocent that they fall in the blackmailing trap and never speak up. Numerous kids are bullied in school due to the way they look, speak, their caste, and race etc. School and the management should take strict action against bullies. Apart from school, there are a lot of public places or workplaces where people get bullied.

Reasons for depression amongst the youth

What percentage of students have symptoms of depression? Almost 15% to 30% of
students are depressed in their school time. However, only bullying is not the reason for their disoriented thoughts. There can be various reasons such as lack of financial stability, divorced parents, and education pressure etc. for depression. School's management or parents must pay attention to their child and help them through the challenging phase. Most parents believe that their children are healthy and they can get through any issue on their own. Such parenting style can make your child more robust, but it can also make them mentally vulnerable. Hence, it is critical to give a child the proper attention to become physically and mentally stronger.

1. Social media
Does school cause mental health issues? School is not the only reason for depression in
youngsters, as there are many underlying reasons. One of the main reasons for child
depression is also social media. However, social media does not have the same impact on every young person; it is how you think as well. On the other hand, gratefulness and
appreciating what you have also work wonders for mental stability.
Moving on, social media can create a lot of unrealistic expectations in people’s mind. A
young adult thinks that they will enjoy college as much as the person they saw on social
media. However. Social media is only half the truth, and the other half remains hidden that you have no clue about. It is imperative to be mindful and do things that make you happy.

You can also try natural derivatives such as kratom for mental health. Kratom has multiple types such as Red Borneo kratom, Green Malay kratom, as well as Yellow Indo kratom. You can try out any kind of kratom to make yourself mentally more robust. However, you must do your research before trying out new things. Apart from natural supplements, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated and eat well. Lifestyle plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall health.
Most youngsters have a vague idea in their mind that nothing is going to pan out the way they want. It is okay to deal with negative thoughts regularly, but you must shift the thought pattern. Mindfulness comes through practice, and you must acquire it to become successful in life.

2. Bullying

Cyberbullying and depression statistics are rising continuously with time. Earlier, there
were rarely any young adults who went through depression and anxiety. However, the urge to showcase your power through negativity is putting other people’s lives at stake.
Cyberbullying is rising, and more and more people are getting affected by it. Students or people who go to school are subjected to bullying the most. There is a hidden motive of a bully or mental issues that cause them to act this way. The high rate of cyberbullying induces depression in young adults and makes them perform poorly in their personal or student life.

You cannot control bullying, or whether or too you fall victim to it. However, you can
manage your motives and action towards bullying. There are a lot of services available online and locally that take charge against bullying. Sometimes, you are deeply trapped in bullying that taking action means giving up on your life. However, it is essential to gather courage and do something to save yourself. It is crucial to contact NGOs or organizations that take action against cyberbullying or bullying overall. If you are a youngster, you must talk to your parents or anyone you trust.

3. Abuse
Cyberbullying statistics seem to rise by the minutes, and authorities must take action about it. Apart from bullying, physical or verbal abuse can also be the reason for depression in youngsters. There are a lot of children that come from a broken family. To an outsider, divorced parents may not seem like a big deal. However, a child who comes from a broken family knows the real struggle. Hence, it is essential to give your friend a leaning shoulder and help them grow. There can be friends or outsiders that can verbally abuse a youngster and cause them to feel low about themselves.
You may not be able to overcome abuse in your life, but you can learn from it and try to
make things better. There may be multiple setbacks in your life, but the real hero uses those setbacks as a lesson. If you want to progress in life, you must only think about moving forward. There is no point in thinking about things; you cannot fix. Hence, you must learn your lesson from the past and move on. On the other hand, you can try out therapy or talk to a friend to feel lighter.

How to cure depression?
Depression and anxiety are the most common mental issues all across the globe. Most people learn to deal with it while the other gives in to such problems. It is essential to take a step and add beneficial changes in your lifestyle to combat mental issues. People think that therapy and seeking professional help will make them weak. However, we all need emotional support, especially if we have nobody that we trust fully in our lives. The first step to cure is to accept that something is wrong. On the other hand, mindfulness is a great thing to learn if you deal with mental issues.