Yes, Beanies are really in style as it is seen as one of the most versatile winter hats, and a go-to for men and women.

Beanies can be styled with any outerwear and are a safer bet than bucket hats or kerchiefs. When choosing a beanie, consider the fabric and knit for optimal style and warmth.

One trend with beanies is definitely its colours.

Colorful beanies


Colourful beanies are commonly done in a chunky, knitted, oversized style. Often with a label semi-visible in the front. The colourful beanies have that sporty vibe to them with the folded hemline and the vibrancy of neon and pastels in their favour. Lavender, bubblegum pink, neon yellow, Klein blue and mint green are some trendy colours. The beanies have been popular to match with jackets and sweaters. Also going for a more street style look with denim, dad sneakers and hoodies have been a popular look with the beanies.

Colorful beanies

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Colourful beanies are genius. They are such an easy way of making the winter style more interesting and still have a great deal of function to them. They can be a bit tricky to style from a colour perspective, but if you go for your regular neutrals, they can be a fun and unexpected twist. Maybe a lavender beanie with a white jacket? Or a grey coat with a bubblegum pink? A black sweater and a Klein blue beanie? It truly comes down to what beanie you have to work with. 

Colorful beanies


Also,  it is okay to match the beanie with your shoes or your bag, but perhaps not both at the same time. It is really chic however to match your top/jacket with the beanie. It creates a fun but unexpected coherency in the outfit. 

For some beanies recommendations for winter, check out GQ.

Published on HOLR Magazine.