BRB- Fall-ing for these cozy candles.

Fall is the coziest time of year, so it’s time to snuggle up next to this year’s must-have candles, with scents that truly bring the fall season into the comfort of your own home. 

Jo Malone

The latest collection from Jo Malone brings together warm, rich scents in stunning bisque ceramic containers- perfect for decking out any home. The Glowing Embers candle is a deliciously comforting fall scent that, when lighting it, will have you transported into a cozy cottage setting. Picture this- a crackling fire roaring in the background as you lounge about on your favourite chair. Flames crackle and pages turn as the comforting scent of glowing embers fill the room. This candle is a must-have for any fall lovers out there!


Diptyque is committed to developing beautifully rich scents that will have you instantly captivated. If you love pumpkin spice anything, the Cannelle/Cinnamon Candle is a simple choice. Described as cinnamon bark bring freshly stripped from the tree branches, it combines wood and spice, with warmth and gourmand undertones.  

Bath and Body Works

If you’re in the market for some traditional favourites, give the below scents a try! Bath and Body Works has a TON of flavours to choose from and is a popular place to shop for scents among candle lovers alike.

A spiced apple toddy flavoured-candle combines warm apple brandy, spiced plum, tart cranberry, and cinnamon sticks into a perfectly fabulous fall scent. This is the perfect scent to cozy up to on a crisp fall night.

Saved the best for last- this pumpkin spice candle features a blend of fresh espresso, pumpkin pie spice, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. Be sure to enjoy this candle alongside a *real life* pumpkin spice latte to get the full experience.

As you gear up for the brisk fall season ahead, be sure to give these scents a try!