This April we are celebrating earth month with Riau Canada, a Montreal-based brand that is socially committed to making hand-crafted and eco-friendly candles. 

Riau is a Canadian company committed to helping out the community and the planet all at once. Riau has a mission and that mission is to help marginalized families in need who need help getting back on their feet and back into the community. The brand works with organizations that help people who have gone or are going through difficult times find jobs and get hired in their community. With the help of these companies and the support from Riau, families are about to reintegrate back into the labour market and find steady and stable jobs that can support them, and their families and build the community around them. 

Besides helping out communities of people, Riau’s main interest is Candle making, and to celebrate earth month we are going to share some of Riau’s most popular scents. Riau is named after the islands in Indonesia, and many of the scents that the brand has created are scents and smells that represent what it is like to be on the island. 

Riau’s candles are made from 100% premium soy wax, which includes fragrances from essential oils that are certified vegan, paraben-free and do not contain phthalates that are harmful to you and the environment. 

Some of the most popular scents are Coffee and Cream and Canada True North, which Coffee and Cream is a wake-up scent that smells like freshly ground coffee, a touch of milk and topped off with brown sugar. Coffee and cream are made up of 100% soy wax and are vegan. 

As it is April and Spring is here there is no better way to celebrate earth month and the fresh smell of spring than with new scents. These four new scents have the power to transform any space, whether you are indoors or outdoors you are going to smell the sweet scents of what this earth has to offer, from Canada to Indonesia and everywhere in between. 

The new spring collection is filled with Apple Blossom, Blue Hydrangea, Lavender, and Freesia Bouquet. 

Apple Blossom $15:


The sweet floral scent is light and fresh, giving you the perfect smell of spring in any room of your house and any time of year. 

Blue Hydrangea $15: 


Another floral scent that is just as magical but a little less on the sweet side, giving you a more sturdy yet delightful scent.

Lavender $15:


A smell like lavender is everyone’s favourite, it’s fresh and timeless, and never goes out of style. 

Fressia Bouquet $15:


Freesia is known for its fruity scent, especially in the spring, you know summer is around the corner when you smell that sweet freesia in the breeze. 

Over 15 fragrances are made at Riau and each fragrance comes in 4 sizes, the more you love the more you want to buy. You can purchase any candle from small-large and of course a double, which always looks great as an accent piece in your living room. 

This April celebrate earth month with Riau Canada and not only do something good for mother earth but help Riau help others in need as well. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine