It doesn’t matter why you are dressing up, the quality white face paint should be able to produce intense results and pull off a good look. But, finding the perfect white face paint isn’t that simple. You can get the best white face paint but you also have to understand that white face paints are not all the same. White face paints differ with some being the best for base work but not line work. Others do amazing line work but crack when applied on large areas. Further, still some are brighter than others.


Local craft stores stock white face paint but you need to buy paint from credible brands that are of a higher quality that won’t clump and flake. Get the best white face paint with a high pigment concentration that goes on smoothly, and can withstand tough conditions. Here’s a look at what you should consider getting the best white face paint and tips on how to use it for the best results. 



There are two major types, water and oil-based. Water-based white face paints are the best if you want one that you can apply and wash off easily. They also include added ingredients that ensure that they stick even when you sweat, mostly present in the quality brands.


The oil-based versions are more ‘permanent’ and very tough. Most makeup artists and professionals prefer to use oil-based face paints. But, it’s much harder to remove these paints and you’ll need a solvent to break down the oil. This can either be baby oil; an oil-focused facial cleanser, a waterproof makeup remover, etc.



For people who use white face paint for jobs such as professional clowns or if you’ll be staying with it for a long time like a whole night, then how it performs is a top priority. Most face paints are water-based and in case you might sweat, they aren’t the best option.

Get a paint that can withstand sweat though it would also be best to use it alongside a setting spray. Setting sprays will set it in place for long after application.



Face paints have different costs depending on the quality. But, more expensive face paint tends to be of higher quality, much brighter, and higher concentration compared to the cheap ones. Cheaper brands tend to use cheaper ingredients and in the end flake or clump giving you a horrible look. They aren’t the best for a novice or professional setting.



  • Always go for good-quality professional face paints if you want to create beautiful long-lasting designs without flakes and clumping.
  • During application, ensure that the base layer is dry before layering.
  • Spritz your sponge or dip your brush in clean water first to keep your face paints drier. It also prevents mold and bacteria from growing on it. 


Once you’ve figured out which is the best white paint to use, learn how to apply it to be able to display your face painting skills. You need to work on your skills and be confident in what you do to be an amazing face painter.


Published on Holr Magazine