The GOOD Challenge is setting out to make fundraising fun, accessible and rewarding, at a time when the way people engage in charitable experiences has become transactional and distant.

Entrepreneur and Founder of The GOOD Challenge, Meghan Reesor, developed the idea mid-pandemic. While on maternity leave with her second child, the social enterprise she had dedicated half a decade to dissolved. As the world rapidly transformed, Meghan became acutely aware of how hard hit the non-profit sector was with disposable income and consumer spending on the decline, and traditional fundraising methods like galas and bake sales becoming obsolete. She decided her future was rooted in purpose, and from there, The GOOD Challenge was born.

The GOOD Challenge is about community and positivity. A collection of purpose-driven games and activities create memorable experiences while giving back to causes that matter. Available in multiple editions, the Challenge Packs come in a book with 10 themed challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone and get you trying new things. The challenges can be done from anywhere, using supplies you likely already have or can easily access. You can also try one of the local editions that features a day of challenges while exploring some of Canada’s big cities. They also offer team packages, designed for your remote group, building rapport offline in a safe way through shared experiences.

For every Challenge Pack purchased, The GOOD Challenge donates at least 20% of every dollar ($10 per pack) to a charity chosen by the consumer. These include Second Harvest, Unison Benevolent Fund, Women’s Shelter Canada, Children’s Aid Foundation, MS Society, and more. Funds are allocated by the charity to the place of greatest need at the time of donation. A bonus challenge is included in every pack to get you doing good in your community too.

Challengers get rewarded with awesome prizes from Canadian brands that care by submitting evidence that they completed each challenge. They are then entered for a chance to win one of the available monthly prizes, including gift cards, travel vouchers, and more. Once a challenge is complete, it can then be passed on, as the instructions for each are designed to be removed from the book and mailed like a postcard. There is even a spot for a stamp and to write a note to the person being nominated.

“I’m so excited to see Canadians across the country challenge themselves to give back and do good in a truly unique way. Giving back should be fun, accessible, and engaging, but as of late there have been so many barriers for consumers and nonprofits alike. The GOOD Challenge is something you can do anytime, anywhere, with anyone in your network,” says Reesor. “I’m so grateful to our charitable and brand collaborators. Together we are changing how people think about philanthropic experiences and supporting causes that matter.”

“I love doing fun things that get people laughing and I’m also passionate about mental health awareness. The GOOD Challenge helped combine some fun with giving back to a cause I personally care about. Knowing the give back is 20% to the charity I chose is part of why this is so cool,” says Spencer Jenkin (@spencer.jenkin), Canadian Content Creator. “The challenges themselves are awesome and make for great content too. The GOOD Challenge got me doing some hilarious things for a good cause. It was a win-win for me.”

Challenge Packs are available for purchase online for $50 at