It may be best known as the gambling capital of the world, but there’s another side to Las Vegas too. That’s why, each year, so many members of the LBGTQ+ community hop on a plane and head for the pleasure centre that sits right in the center of the Nevada Desert. In fact, it’s the third most visited place in the States after New York and Chicago.

But then, even when you look at it from a distance, this is only logical given the sheer levels of theatrical camp on display, undoubtedly of great appeal to certain sections of the community. Where else can you find famous divas like Mariah Carey and gay icons like Elton John performing their hearts out night after night? So for glitz and glamor, it simply can’t be beaten, even by the Big Apple or the Windy City.

It’s the casinos that most people head to Vegas to enjoy, and a few are especially adept at welcoming LBGTQ+ visitors. For example, the Luxor Hotel and Casino not only offers all the casino games you could want, but it also holds regular gay fashion shows as well as a weekly pool party that they call Sunkissed Sunday. The resort’s chapel is even licensed to hold same-sex weddings if you want to tie the knot in style.

Then there’s The Tropicana which has become famous in recent years not just for its superb facilities but games of a different kind. Played at its annual multi-sports competition, the City Shootout is exclusively for LBGTQ+ contestants.

Vegas also has more gay bars per square mile than many places in the States, including a few truly outstanding ones. Take the Badlands Saloon, for example. Right in the commercial center, it’s a favorite with 30-somethings who like its country and western vibe. Meanwhile, over at The Garage, the barkeeps are kitted out like mechanics and serve some killer cocktails.

If your taste is for an even more flamboyant night out, then Charlie’s Las Vegas is the place to go. There are daily drag queen shows and if you turn up on a Wednesday in your underwear the drinks will be free between 10pm and 2am. If theme nights are your thing then Freezone’s a must-see. With night including Trans-Unity Tuesdays and Wild Wednesdays, it all makes for a whole week of fun.

But, for all the clubs, bars, and other entertainment on offer, it’s worth remembering that it’s the casinos that have made Las Vegas famous. Just look at the way that the iconic Vegas casino scene is mirrored in online casino options and you can get a real flavor of Vegas’ prevalence through Sin City-themed names like Leo Vegas and Yukon Gold. If you’re looking to plan a stay-at-home Vegas experience, you can visit website for more information. There, you can read impartial reviews and other very useful information too. No, you won’t have the option of seeing a live show too, but that’s what Spotify is for!

So, hopefully, you’ll be able to make it over to Vegas before long, and with this quick guide at your side, it should be quite a break.