Among many charities like food banks and toy drives, and whether you’re donating items or donating time, helping out during the holiday can be one of the most fulfilling acts, especially after the year we just had. 

Charity work is no different between years, there are always going to be people in need, and there is always room for you to help. Charity work is something that a lot of people should do, even if it’s just once a year for a couple of hours, many organizations need the help because there are a lot of people who are in need. 

Toronto is a big city that has a lot of Charity organizations. One that has been around since 1906 is the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund. This organization provides 45,000 gift boxes to children in need of warm clothes, a toy, a book, and candy. These boxes are made through a registry list, hand-delivered to each child’s home to ensure that they get their gifts on time for Christmas. 

A charity like the Toronto Star Fund is one that is super fulfilling. Many people are so grateful that they know their children will be provided with a great gift this holiday, and they know that their children will have something to open, and a big smile on their faces on Christmas morning. 

Charities like that are so amazing to work for. They have many steps in which you could volunteer for any part of the process. For example, some people help by making the boxes and putting them together, while others help deliver the boxes. 

There are so many steps to take in a charity that allows you to choose which part you want to participate in, even though it shouldn’t matter, it only matters if you are there helping. 

This holiday is definitely one that you should go out and help a charity. There is such a big loss with families this year, from some not having a job anymore, and others just not being able to see their families. 

It is good to go help out, putting a smile on a child’s face this holiday will also be putting a smile on their parents. So, go out and find a charity you want to help this season. There is always lots of people in need. Don’t forget to always come back next year.

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