Here’s why The King Shirts is your one-stop shop for print-on-demand t-shirt fashion.

Creative t-shirts never go out of style, which is why The King Shirts is a go-to for print-on-demand (POD) shirts that are customized, unique, and super fun. The retailer features exclusive designs that are crafted for everyone of all ages, ensuring you can truly have fun with your style! From graphic prints to quirky quotes to holiday must-haves, The King Shirts really is the King of T-Shirts for a reason!

HOLR is breaking down The King Shirts below and some of our top picks from the website you need to add to cart to elevate your everyday style. Keep reading to learn all about The King Shirts and why you’ll be shopping the brand for every occasion to come!

About The King Shirts

The King Shirts specializes in creating POD t-shirts in which the brand revamps plain tees into unique shirts accented with exclusive designs. The King Shirts began as a group of Indie designers with a dream to innovate the fashion space. Since its inception, the brand has grown into a POD T-shirt business that is taking the industry by storm with its collection of fun, unique t-shirt designs. The founders believed that t-shirts were a great segway into the fashion space because everyone loves rocking a great tee! Why, you ask? This piece of apparel is super common on a worldwide scale and it appeals to anyone and everyone- win/win! Although the brand mainly focuses on t-shirts, The King Shirts also produces items such as; hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops which means you have tons of options to choose from.

Through its mission, The King Shirts hopes to continue offering elevated printing and selling services- including personalized t-shirts for customers who want to have fun creating their own unique designs. The brand is also dedicated to delivering quality products to its consumers, highlighting a transparent customer policy that caters to its worldwide global customer base.

Teamwork makes the dream work! The King Shirts consists of a dynamic group team that is made up of the design team, production team, marketing team, and customer service team. All of these teams work together to ensure quality service and designs from shopping to shipping.

POD T-Shirt Design

Print-on-demand (POD) t-shirts and apparel are gaining traction in the fashion space and we can see why! Not only is it a great way to elevate your everyday look but you can have fun with the process. This is because The King Shirts offers a unique way to personalize your style with custom t-shirts that feature exclusive designs.

Print On Demand Clothing

What’s great about The King Shirts is that the brand offers a wide variety of shirt designs that can be tailored to different moments in your life. From back to school to holiday fun to entertainment to everything in between, The King Shirts has something for everyone. The styles are versatile, comfortable, and made with quality care to ensure lasting pieces you can cherish and wear for years to come. These are pieces you’ll love to mix and match with must-haves from your own wardrobe.

HOLR’s Top Picks: The King Shirts

Back to Cool

Back to School is one of the top-trending pages on the brand’s website- perfect timing! Whether you’re a student or teacher, this collection features fun first-day-of-school apparel, custom-grade designs as well as teacher-friendly looks, among others.  Check out some of our go-to’s from The King Shirt’s back-to-school offerings below:

Teach Them To Be Kind

Perfect for you- or the teacher in your life!

First-Grade Vibes Only

If you have a little first grader this is the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

Fourth Grade Squad

Fourth graders will love this custom t-shirt design with fun colours.


Sporting a fun holiday-inspired shirt is the best way to ring in the season! This collection of holiday-ready apparel is a must-add to cart. Check out some of our favorites below, just in time for the holiday season ahead.

Christmas (Christmas Spirit Loading)

This is the ideal Christmas shirt to rock this season and beyond!

Halloween (No You Hang Up)

We’re obsessed with this Ghostface-inspired shirt from The King Shirts.

Saint Patrick’s Day (Most Likely To Do An Irish Exit)

This is a must-have for rocking during Saint Patrick’s Day.


This collection of entertainment-inspired apparel is great for rocking your favorite artist, band, or pop culture moment!

Drake Take Care Album

Who doesn’t love Drake? This iconic custom shirt is a must-have for any Drake fan.

Jonas Brothers

If you love the Jonas Brothers this is a definite add-to-cart!

Barbie Squad

The Barbie movie was a huge hit this year which is why this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you’re obsessed with Barbie just like we are!


From sporty celeb (almost) couples to your fave sporting events, these apparel items offer a fun and unique way to show your team spirit!

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce

Swift and Kelce are the alleged new “It” couple!

Cleveland Ghoulardians

Baseball fans will love this Cleveland Ghoulardians-inspired shirt!


These fun animal-inspired apparel items are perfect if you, or someone you love, LOVES animals! The collection includes lots of fun animal designs and prints.

Bee Shirt

Butterfly Shirt

Dragon Shirt

Dog Shirt

Cat Shirt

It doesn’t stop there- The King Shirts offers a variety of fun shirt and apparel designs for men, women, and children. From outdoor activities to racing to sewing to fishing to gardening, these are some of the other additional designs that the brand offers its consumer base. When browsing the website, you’ll come across a wide array of unique, custom, and personalized t-shirt offerings that you can sport anytime, anywhere for an elevated look. Plus, we love how The King Shirts is truly committed to building a brand that is all about embracing the fun in fashion!

Be sure to check out The King Shirts for more information and to shop all of HOLR’s top picks- and more!

Published by HOLR Magazine.