During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a series of issues arising in the fashion industry, ranging from designers struggling to find fabrics to having their money wrapped up in their merchandise. These struggles have been emphasized throughout the pandemic and continue to arise without much recognition. In response to this,  Toronto fashion designer Dee Silkie founder by Dee Silkies Outerwear designed the infamous Money Coat.

Representing the struggles fashion designers normally face and it’s emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic, this fabulous coat strutting around the Toronto streets portrays luxury and represents community. 120 people (clients, friends, other designers) each donated a portion of cash seen in the coat. You have heard of the money coat everywhere in Toronto, people wouldn’t stop talking about it, and everybody remembers the coat of $2000 that makes you look like a million bucks.

Photo Credit: Chris Cheung

Currently, Dee is working on a new line of outerwear coats known as “Confetti Coats”. “Confetti Coats” will be addressing an old issue getting new attention that designers have faced daily – sustainable/environmentally friendly and stylish merchandise.The Confetti Coat will be a custom made patchwork fabric, created from leftover merchandise/garment scraps from Dee, and other Canadian Designers!

Dee’s iconic outerwear has a strong sense of community involved, not only do the gorgeous, luxury looking coats provide style and flare, while representing a lasting struggle faced in the fashion industry, and the cherry on top is the community involvement. That people who are clients, designers, who participate in the fashion industry in any way, support and sponsor Dee’s projects because they believe in her, her merchandise, the look, and of course, the messege.

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