The best and the worst breakups have occurred on screen. From films like The Notebook and TV shows like Friends, some breakups still hurt to this day, and others we’re just happy they happened. 

It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.” 

Although Noah and Allie did end up together (no spoiler alert here, because c’mon who hasn’t watched The Notebook?) I think it is the idea that shaped the film as a whole. They were broken up for 7 years and that’s where it made the film so special, they were always meant to be. I think what makes this on-screen relationship so sentimental was the fact that Ryan and Rachel did date briefly after filming, and yet the fact that they broke up is what hurts my heart. 

We were on a break!” 

Okay, we get it, Ross, you’re always right, it wasn’t your fault. I’m joking it was totally your fault and I wish I could say I’m glad they’re back together, but the fact is the writers of the show just didn’t create any better of a character for Rachel to have a love interest in. Rachel truly deserved someone like Brad Pitt’s character Will, if Will didn’t co-create the ‘I hate Rachel club’ with Ross. 

This is home. No- it’s not anymore.” 

La La Land might be my favourite film of all time. And yes Ryan Gosling is in it. But, you would expect my favourite film to have the main characters end up together. Truth is, they probably should’ve because ‘They will always love each other’. Sebastian and Mia decide to break up when things fall together just as they were falling apart. As this may be the most mature breakup sequence ever, I think the story works out perfectly to show a film to not be a cliche, because sometimes the one you love, isn’t the one you end up with. 


I wouldn’t let you, even if you tried.” 

To all the Schitt’s Creek fans, yes, Ted and Alexis break up. Ted and Alexis have one of the best on-screen relationships of all time. They both managed to mature because of one another. Their first attempt at a relationship failed because Alexis always dated celebrity bad boys, and Ted seemed like a safe option for her. When they broke up Ted managed to improve himself, figuring out what was best for himself rather than others around him. As they got back together people

thought they were endgame, and they both knew that they would never love anyone like they loved each other. As Taylor Swift says, “There’ll be happiness after you, But there was happiness because of you. 

Life on screen may not seem realistic, but it is a well-known fact that we have all cried over some on-screen breakups more than the ones we’ve been through in our own lives.