We all want to look our best, evident by the amount of time that goes into our outfits, hairstyles, and exercise routines. The beauty industry is now less about makeup and face creams than it is about advanced technology. In the last few decades, various cosmetic procedures have been developed which have helped people to look and feel great. There are procedures for tightening skin, reducing fat, and even removing unwanted hair. 


Here are three of the most popular cosmetic procedures which have transformed the beauty industry.


First developed in the 1980s by an ophthalmologist-dermatologist husband and wife, botox is today the most famous of all cosmetic procedures. The procedure involves a small amount of botulinum toxin (botox) into the skin. This relaxes the muscles, relieving the tension which leads to wrinkles. If botulinum toxin sounds like something you would not normally want to come into contact with, then you would be right. Large amounts of the toxin under normal circumstances can lead to the highly debilitating disease, botulism, which paralyzes the breathing system’s muscles and can be fatal. The botox procedure, however, is completely safe, and as can be seen in the image below by ComparetheMarket.com.au, is loved by people all around the world. There is no stigma about botox with many people following their favourite celebrities and getting a few quick injections. In fact, more people in the US receive botox each year than live in the entire state of Arizona. 

Laser Hair Removal

The problem of unwanted hair is one which many people have and which can seriously affect a person’s confidence. In the past, the only real solutions available were shaving and waxing, and while they were effective in the short-term, they had their disadvantages. Both can lead to ingrown hairs and can cause skin irritation. When laser hair removal first became available in the 1980s, people were immediately sold on it as a superior procedure as it had none of the downsides of waxing and shaving and left the skin hair-free “permanently”. While this isn’t entirely true, the laser heats the hair follicles, they are unable to produce new hairs for a very long period of time.


Weight and body shape have forever been a huge subject in the cosmetic and beauty industry with new exercise plans and fad diets popping up all the time. While the procedure was first invented in the 1920s, the results were not great, but when the modern version of liposuction began in the 1980s, it transformed the whole industry. Liposuction works by literally sucking excess fat out of the body. As liposuction is a surgical procedure, patients have to go under anaesthetic and the recovery process can be quite painful. The results for many people are excellent, however, and most people lose as much as five-pound each session.


Advanced cosmetic procedures have changed the beauty industry forever. It is now possible to get dramatic, long-lasting results with just a quick and easy procedure. With new technological advancements being made all the time, who knows what the future of the business industry holds?